Landon is also a member of the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington (AISGW) and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and a founding member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC).


Headmaster: Jim Neill
Assistant Head of School for Enrollment, Admissions & Community: Len Armstrong
Head of Upper School: Ehren Federowicz
Head of Middle School: Dana Krein
Head of Lower School: Randy Bednar

Board of Trustees 2016–17

Chairman: Joseph A. Kenary '82
Vice Chairman: H. Keith Powell
President: Jim Neill
Secretary: Michelle L. Freeman
Treasurer: Steve Mayer
Trustees Emeriti:
Knight Kiplinger ’65, Samuel M. Lehrman, Lawrence Lamade ’65, Russell “Rusty” C. Lindner ’72, Peter J. FitzGerald, Sr. ’50

Landon School is an independent day school for boys in Grades 3–12 in Bethesda, Maryland. A headmaster, selected by the Landon Board of Trustees, is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the school.

Reporting directly to the headmaster are the assistant head of school for enrollment, admissions and community, who oversees the admissions process, and the heads of Landon’s three divisions: Lower School (Grades 3–5), Middle School (Grades 6–8) and Upper School (Grades 9–12).

A Board of Trustees focuses on maintaining the long-term health of Landon, including its financial stability. The Board’s duties include hiring and evaluating the headmaster and devising major policies that will drive the future direction of the school.

Mr. Anderson Jerome Arnold

Class of 1978

Mr. Michael S. Banks

Class of 1992

Mr. Michael I. Connolly

Class of 1975

Mr. Matthew A. Coursen

Class of 1999

Ambassador William Carlton Eacho III

Class of 1972

Mr. Robert H. Edwards Jr.

Mr. Peter J. FitzGerald Sr.

Class of 1950

Ms. Michelle L. Freeman

Mr. Scott S. Harris

Class of 1984

Mr. Kenneth W. Jenkins

Class of 1978

Mr. Aranthan Steve Jones

Mr. Joseph Anthony Kenary , Jr.

Class of 1982

Mr. Douglas C. Kiker

Class of 1993

Mr. Knight Austin Kiplinger

Class of 1965

Reverend Stephan Ernest Klingelhofer

Class of 1960

Mr. Douglas H. Lagarde

Mr. Lawrence L. Lamade

Class of 1965

Mr. Samuel M. Lehrman

Mr. Russell C. Lindner

Class of 1972

Mr. Steve Mayer

Mrs. Amy Ruth Mehlman

Mr. Jim Neill

Mr. John P. Oswald

Dr. Tushar C. Patel

Class of 1981

Mr. N. David Povich

Class of 1954

Mr. Houston Keith Powell

Mr. Martin Weinstein

Mrs. Katheryn Phillips Wellington

Mr. Dale Wolf

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Music transcends boundaries

In an ethics speech delivered to his peers and teachers, trumpet player Presley '21 shares why he believes musical expression can help us confront our biases.

Landon is IAC Founders Cup co-champ

Landon and Georgetown Prep share this year's Cup, given annually to the school(s) with the best combined finishes in both IAC regular season and tournament play in nine sports.

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