Virtue Attends Sports Medicine Conference Prior to Olympics
Posted 07/23/2012 09:00AM

Schinnerer Grant Takes Athletic Trainer to Glasgow

Athletic Trainer Matt Virtue was awarded a Schinnerer Grant to attend the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport in Glasgow, Scotland. The conference takes place on July 19 through 24, just before the London Olympics. This is only the second conference of this caliber ever held, the first being prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“As an athletic trainer, I am dedicated to education, research, advocacy, and the care of athletes of all ages,” Virtue says. This conference will help him stay current on international trends in the sports health and medicine concepts and skills, according to Virtue. At the conference, he will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the fields of athlete welfare; eligibility and inclusion; elite performance; governance and policy; international sports development and management; major sporting events; pedagogy; and physical activity and health.

Virtue plans to use the knowledge he gains from the conference to better advance a main goal of the Athletic Department, according to the Athletics Family Handbook: “to provide a safe, healthy, and educational playing environment for all Landon students.” He hopes to share what he learns with other Athletic Department staff and teacher-coaches for a better student experience.

Schinnerer Grants are awarded every summer to faculty to underwrite expenses for a genuinely unusual summer experience. The applications states the experience “should be stimulating and invigorating to the teacher so that he will return to his duties with a revitalized enthusiasm and perhaps new skills which will have an impact on his students and on the school community.” This program is supported by a capital gift from the Schinnerer Family: William (Bill) ’61 and Marguerite (Marge) Schinnerer; Lee Schinnerer ’89; and Jeffrey Schinnerer ’95.