Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Landon Greens Sale & Holiday Boutique! The help of Landon parents and other members of the community (faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) helps make the annual event, which benefits student financial assistance and faculty enrichment, a success each year. We encourage all members of the community to volunteer. Click on a category below to see available times and to sign up!

  1. Atrium Checkout: Customer checkout in the Atrium.
    Dates: Dec. 1–2
  2. Atrium Décor: Decorate the Atrium with holiday charm.
    Dates: Nov. 28–30
  3. Bear Bakery (Donations): Donate homemade or store-bought treats. Food can be dropped off at the Atrium both mornings.
    Dates: Dec. 1–2
  4. Bear Bakery (Volunteers): Volunteers are needed to help sell baked goods.
    Dates: Dec. 1–2
  5. Boxwoods Creations: Make and decorate boxwood wreaths, trees and kissing balls. No experience necessary.
    Dates: Nov. 28 - Nov 30.
  6. Campus Decoration: Decorate Landon with holiday charm!
    Dates: Nov. 27
  7. Cement Bears and Barn Checkout: Sell cement bears and help with customer checkout in the Barn.
    Dates: Dec. 1–2
  8. Chocolates Workshops: Make, decorate, bag, label and inventory Landon and other specialty chocolates.
    Dates: Nov. 15–17
  9. Fresh Wreaths: No crafting experience necessary! Come and help decorate Landon’s fresh wreaths with all the goodies we have gathered.
    Dates: Nov. 28–30
  10. Greens "Home for the Holidays" Party: Help needed with bartending.
    Date: Nov. 30
  11. Holiday Café (Donations): Donate drinks.
    Date: Starting Nov. 7
  12. Holiday Café (Volunteers): Sell food and drinks.
    Dates: Dec. 1–2
  13. Junior Class Merchandise: Help the Junior Class!
    Dates: Dec. 1-2
  14. Specialty Greens: Make one-of-a kind specialty greens such as topiaries, centerpieces and candle displays.
    Dates: Nov. 28–30.
  15. Staging: Help stage and decorate the farmhouse for the Holiday Party.
    Dates: Nov. 29–30
  16. Tags: Help price and tag the wreaths, specialty greens, cement bears, etc.
    Dates: Nov. 29–30
  17. Vendor Hospitality
    Dates: Dec. 1–2
  18. Workshop Hospitality: Help provide delicious treats, lunch and beverages for the Greens Workshops.
    Dates: Nov. 28–30
  19. Young Shoppers (Donations): Donate gently used toys and gifts for this section where kids can do their holiday shopping. Drop-off locations: LS Lobby, Threads, at the POD by the gym.
    Dates: Starting Nov. 7
  20. Young Shoppers (Volunteers): Help set up the section and sell toys and gifts during the Greens Sale.
    Dates: Nov. 29–Dec. 2

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