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*Please note: the calendar below reflects schedule information for the 2016-17 school year. Updated information will be added in August 2017.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jun 25
Mon, Jun 26
Tue, Jun 27
Wed, Jun 28
Thu, Jun 29
Fri, Jun 30
Sat, Jul 1
Sun, Jul 2
Mon, Jul 3
Tue, Jul 4
Wed, Jul 5
Thu, Jul 6
Fri, Jul 7
Sat, Jul 8
Sun, Jul 9
Mon, Jul 10
Tue, Jul 11
Wed, Jul 12
Thu, Jul 13
Fri, Jul 14
Sat, Jul 15
Sun, Jul 16
Mon, Jul 17
Tue, Jul 18
Wed, Jul 19
Thu, Jul 20
Fri, Jul 21
Sat, Jul 22
Sun, Jul 23
Mon, Jul 24
Tue, Jul 25
Wed, Jul 26
Thu, Jul 27
Fri, Jul 28
Sat, Jul 29
Sun, Jul 30
Mon, Jul 31
Tue, Aug 1
Wed, Aug 2
Thu, Aug 3
Fri, Aug 4
Sat, Aug 5

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • 2016-2017 Rotation Days
  • Admissions Admissions Calendar
  • As icon All School Calendar
    • Turkey Thanksgiving
    • Menorah Chanukah
    • Xmas tree Christmas
    • Snowman Winter Break
    • Pumpkin Halloween
    • Graduation cap Commencement
    • Us flag Independence Day
    • Autumn leaf Fall Break
    • Easter eggs Easter
    • Kwanzaa Kwanzaa
    • Sun Spring Break
  • Alumni icon copy Alumni Calendar
  • Ls icon Lower School Calendar
  • Ms icon Middle School Calendar
  • Us icon s2 Upper School Calendar



Baseball's Braves draft Bednar '17

Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves selected Randy Bednar Jr. '17 in the 2017 MLB Draft, but he has opted to play in college before entering the pros.

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