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A Message from the Director

College Counseling Director David Toomer

People frequently ask me why I left an Ivy League admissions office to become director of college counseling at Landon. During my years as an admissions officer at the University of Pennsylvania, I watched the acceptance rates at many colleges and universities plummet. Being a top student with excellent grades, testing and extracurricular activities was no longer enough to gain admission to a competitive college or university.

At Landon, the college search is guided by fit rather than by college rankings. The college counseling staff at Landon begins working students in their freshman year. By the time Landon students enter their senior year, they are well-prepared to make excellent college choices, and the decision-making skills they hone during the college search will serve them well in other aspects of their academic and professional lives.

I enjoy bringing my experiences in highly competitive admissions to help Landon families better understand how colleges and universities view applications. But it is not my job alone. I am joined in the Landon College Counseling Office by two associate directors and a college counseling assistant.

Our 30-to-1 student-to-counselor ratio is far lower than most private and public schools, so our boys receive plenty of personal attention and guidance as they weigh this important decision. College Counseling at Landon is a team effort bringing together the efforts of students, parents, college counselors and academic advisors.

The Landon College Counseling Office is pleased to help our boys, who are accomplished students and young men of character, become successful alumni who are leaders in their communities and professions.


David Toomer
Director of College Counseling

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