Your son is why we don’t waver—in our values, our program, or our people. This commitment to him is why Landon stands as a national leader in boys’ college preparatory education.

Amidst today’s challenges, boys excel in our commitment to innovation, structure, and relationships.

connecting through poetry

See how Hybrid Learning works with students in class and at home! Middle School English Teacher Jamie Sorge explains how reading poetry aloud gets everyone involved and connected to each other.

hybrid week in review

We welcomed our Bears back indoors on campus in a safe way following strict safety guidelines. Students measured velocity, acceleration, and force in science class as they rolled toy cars down homemade ramps, learned another language on a scavenger hunt journey across campus, and examined plants as they learned to use microscopes.

exploring organisms around us

Middle School students in Nancy Osborne's science class explored campus collecting leaves, sticks, and other materials to observe closely under the microscope. The students studied the characteristics of living organisms and are learning about taxonomy.

At every level, he will be challenged by expert teachers, advanced curricula, and high-minded expectations—all to prepare him for collegiate and lifelong success.