A Message from Headmaster Jim Neill


Welcome to Landon, a school community that since 1929 has dedicated itself to helping boys become accomplished, caring, and responsible men.

As you consider Landon for your child, you may ask of us: Why do we do what we do? Why do we commit ourselves to this work? What is it that we believe about this institution and its mission? 

The answer for me is clear. Landon exists because we believe in the vast human potential inherent in boys -- in their capacity to do and to be good. Because we believe it is a moral imperative to help boys become the very best version of themselves they can be, without breaking them in the process. 

Landon exists because we believe that boys need and deserve to be in a place where adults care about them, and because our world needs boys who have been afforded such an opportunity. 

Landon exists because we believe in the timeless relevance of things like honesty and respect, like striving and effort, like ideas and discourse, like community and relationship, like courage and leadership, like caring and altruism. 

Landon exists because we believe such values are crucial to boys developing into good men, and because we believe an all-boys setting is uniquely effective for delivering on such a purpose. 

Landon exists because we have hope. We look forward to sharing with you how we live out this purpose and mission every day.


Jim Neill
Head of School