Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Respect is a core value of a Landon School education. And respecting others means respecting and celebrating their different journeys, backgrounds and identities.  Landon is committed to promoting supportive and welcoming traits like inclusivity and understanding to appreciating diversity and how it enriches the tapestry of the community.  We seek to develop in our students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to value differences, encouraging both speaking and acting with integrity and compassion and developing an informed and respectful worldview.

The Landon 2018 Strategic Plan also identifies areas for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work, including:

  • Imbue an authentic respect and appreciation for differences of all kinds through programing and practices that expand students' understanding of others and that lead to lifelong brotherly bonds.
  • Enrich the school population through broadened efforts to recruit and support students and faculty with diverse backgrounds.

We have made the advancement of DEI-related work a primary professional development priority for the school for 2020-21. All faculty and staff have set goals for themselves on a range of topics from reviewing curricular and programmatic content and teaching practices; to personal growth and development through workshops, conversations, and reading; to evaluating various policies and rocedures to ensure we are creating an equitable and inclusive experience for our young men.   Please watch our Head Jim Neill speak to this in our opening ceremony for the school year, during the August 2020 Convocation Assembly.