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The Facts

About the Landon School faculty

Landon has a unique approach to teaching: the teacher-coach-mentor model. The 125+ members of our diverse, dynamic and highly educated faculty are also coaches, advisors and leaders. They serve as role models and find teachable moments everywhere: in the classroom, performance hall, art studio, gym, fields, and the community beyond our campus. Because they connect with the students in multiple ways, our teacher-coach-mentors know where our boys shine and where they can improve, ultimately helping them navigate the challenges of their young lives so they can succeed in life after Landon.

For example, Head of Upper School Ehren Federowicz is also an advisor, teaches a foundations class for freshman, and coaches junior varsity golf.

Middle School math teacher Andrew Johnson often mentors boys in both the middle and upper schools, serving as both a Grade 6 and junior varsity basketball coach. He also serves as the advisor for the Middle School math club.

The Lower School's Shannon Lechner not only teaches third graders during class time, but also coaches fifth grade soccer and lacrosse during athletics. 

With a an average class size of 14 students, teachers provide individual attention and tailored approaches to maximize learning for each student. Small class sizes also facilitate lively discussions as teachers utilize best practices to deliver the curriculum in innovative, engaging ways.

And because we believe learning is never done, faculty and staff are encouraged to continue their own education. Landon supports and facilitates our faculty members’ pursuit of professional development programs, conferences and seminars that take them around the world to learn ideas and strategies to bring home to the classroom.

One of our science teachers traveled to Borneo to study one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. The head of our World Languages Department spent two weeks in Italy and Croatia to study romance languages and evolving dialects. Our teachers then share with our students unique and engaging lessons that draw from these experiences across the globe.

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Gratitude is more than thankfulness

Jelani '19 — an AP student, member of the yearbook staff, and athlete on the varsity football team — spoke about why he believes we should show our gratitude in more meaningful ways rather than just saying "thank you."

Han '19, Yan '19 recognized for service work

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) honored two Landon students, Bruce Han '19 and Michael Yan '19, for their service to the community.