Our rigorous program places an emphasis on strong, well-rounded academics with class sizes that average 14 students and offerings that include 32 accelerated and honors courses in the Upper School.

Our eight-day class cycle is deliberately planned for the way you learn, with classes that rotate through the day and the week so you can experience every course at different times. Strategic breaks over the course of the day, with no more than two academic classes in a row, ensure that you are more focused during class and have time to talk with teachers, collaborate on projects, or prepare for a test.

In the Middle and Upper Schools, you will have not only teachers to guide you but also a Dean of Students, a grade-level academic dean, an advisor and a guidance counselor to offer support and advocate for you.

In the Lower School, we like to provide a well-rounded experience for the boys. You learn how to read and write, expand your grammar and vocabulary skills, and get comfortable with math facts through our Singapore Math program. Youalso learn STEM by building spaghetti bridges and public speaking by giving TED Talks. There are also many hands-on opportunities through field trips to Annapolis to learn about government, the Chesapeake Bay to learn about environmental science, and Gettysburg to learn about our history.

Landon teacher shows landon boys the different bones in a skeleton


The Middle School is about transition, growth, and opportunity. You try new things, are supported and known, and work hard on your burgeoning skills. You are required to take a language and fine arts, participate in the performing arts, and play sports so you can explore an interest you may not have known you had. 

Landon teacher and student working amiably in a small group


In the Upper School, small classes encourage you to participate, think, write, discuss and debate in preparation for college. We have four language options (Spanish, Latin, French and Mandarin Chinese, and you can take a wide range of classes from computer programming to sculpture to our highly-regarded Humanities program. This signature class is a team-taught, interdisciplinary course designed to teach you how to think independently as you explore the foundations of  intellectual and artistic culture. 

Two Landon boys conduct a science experiment with smoking chemicals, outside with their teacher

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    Wellness Wednesday blog

    This blog post is part of a series of #WellnessWednesday tips. This week, Lower and Middle School Counselor Adam Diaz shares how students can stay motivated during the pandemic.

    Hybrid week #1

    Middle School science students explored campus collecting leaves, sticks, and other materials to observe under microscopes. Lower School art students worked on an identity project in collaboration with their social studies class about the family and cultural history of their names. In Upper School Latin class, students were reading the story of Cupid & Psyche, written by Apuleius. They are simultaneously translating it from Latin to English as well as discussing the differences from the ancient world compared to today.