Smartly dressed Landon students working on computers in the library

Our rigorous program places an emphasis on strong, well-rounded academics with class sizes that average 14 students and offerings that include 32 accelerated and honors courses in the Upper School.

Our eight-day class cycle is deliberately planned for the way you learn, with classes that rotate through the day and the week so you can experience every course at different times. Strategic breaks over the course of the day, with no more than two academic classes in a row, ensure that you are more focused during class and have time to talk with teachers, collaborate on projects, or prepare for a test.

In the Middle and Upper Schools, you will have not only teachers to guide you but also an academic dean, an advisor and a guidance counselor to offer support and advocate for you.


Four Landon Lower School students with programable robots

In the Lower School, students learn how to write computer code, how to use a 3-D printer, and how to program robots beyond their important work learning to read and write, expand their grammar and vocabulary skills, and get comfortable with math facts through our Singapore Math program. There are also many hands-on opportunities through field trips to Annapolis to learn about government, the Chesapeake Bay to learn about environmental science, and Gettysburg to learn about our history. 

In the Middle School, students learn about more than just a foreign language in their Spanish, French, Latin and Chinese classes; thanks to unique projects devised by their teachers — including Spanish film festivals, French food tastings, Latin fashion shows and Chinese fan dances — the boys also experience other countries’ culture and history. In addition, Middle School Science Club members showed their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) prowess when they built a submersible remote operating vehicle called a SeaPerch and qualified for the National SeaPerch Challenge by guiding the vehicle through a series of obstacles at the regional competition in Annapolis.

In the Upper School, small classes (the average size is 13) encourage you to participate, think, write, discuss and debate. Our four language options (Spanish, Latin, French and Mandarin Chinese) and 32 accelerated and honors courses provide you with academic outlets for all of your interests and passions. Click here to see our full curriculum guide.

Our science program, for example, is implementing student-directed learning. Juniors take a signature class in the Humanities, a team-taught, interdisciplinary course designed to teach you how to think independently as you explore the foundations of Western intellectual and artistic culture. The class is so beloved by students that we now offer it to parents.

Bears have also sought to expand their educational horizons with opportunities outside the classroom. One recent student studied global development as part of a highly selective internship with the IMF/World Bank. And, as part of their required Independent Senior Project (ISP), students do everything from build a go-kart from scratch to run their own small business — and reap invaluable real-life experience along the way.

For more information on our academic programs, please see our curriculum guide.

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    New to Landon this year is Monday Mesa, a place where Upper School students, teachers, and staff members can relax with their lunch and practice their Spanish every Monday.

    Landon has new waterbottles

    Orange water bottles are now a mainstay on campus for faculty, staff, and students under a new program to encourage proper hydration.