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Why Landon?

You want what’s best for your son. We do, too.

For nearly a century, Landon has produced men of character who possess the foundation of intellect and the determination to pursue and achieve lofty aspirations. We carry out our mission through an intentional approach that employs the best practices for educating boys—methods that are anchored in the valued relationships boys share with their teachers. Our faculty explain it best.



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Jeb '27


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Koko '23


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Landon admissions team gathers together

We know that boys need structure, inspiration, and community more than ever. Boys thrive at Landon because we believe our program is designed to fit the way boys learn best.

- landon's admissions team



Thank you for your interest in Landon. Whether you are considering admissions for fall of 2023 or later, we are here to guide you. Connect with your respective admissions officer to start discussions about the admissions process or read below to learn more.  

For the 2023-24 school year, Landon's Grade 6 will move to the Lower School (Grades 3-6). Our Freeman Lower School building will be large enough to accommodate a plan many years in the making: returning Grade 6 to its original home in the Lower School. Developmentally, sixth grade boys are intellectually mature yet easily influenced. Rather than ask sixth graders to jump headfirst into adolescence in Middle School and follow their teenage seventh and eighth grade classmates, we are eager to capitalize on their growing maturity.

For example, they will be afforded the opportunity to serve as leaders of the Lower School, and those opportunities will include capstone projects in academic subjects, public speaking opportunities, and student governance. The Grade 6 academic program will remain robust with increased offerings in all academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors. Lastly, a large focus of the school year will include continued study of ethics and wellness, wise decision making, and organizational skills in preparation for Middle School. Please contact with questions.




In order to register for one of the events, you must join the Ravenna Hub. Once you register and add your child, click on the School Directory, search for "Landon School", and select "Explore". That will allow you to register for upcoming events and receive our newsletter.  If you have questions, please contact the admissions department at or 301-320-1067. 

James Speight

 Landon helped me shape my worldview. I was able to tap into so many parts of what inform my identity. I could be a football player, an a capella singer, and a newspaper writer. That is the Landon man, a man of honor and a culturally aware and active global citizen.

- james speight '10



We believe that Landon offers an unparalleled educational experience.  Learn more about how to afford a Landon education in the video below.

2022–23 TUITION &

Lower School Tuition
(Grades 3-5)


Middle & Upper School Tuition
(Grades 6-12)


Financial aid available annually

$4.8 million

Percentage of families receiving aid

Average grant per family $25,817


Financial Aid

Landon’s need-based financial aid program works to ensure that the cost of attendance does not preclude access to this unparalleled academic experience. We recognize that for some families, the full tuition stretches resources beyond the family budget, which is why we strive to make the Landon experience accessible to families of all income levels.

Gross Household Income for Financial Aid



Merit Scholarships

Students talk to teacher in library

Landon believes our boys benefit from being surrounded by other intelligent boys of character and integrity.

That’s why we offer scholarships for outstanding students joining Landon in Grade 9.



    Landon has nine bus routes for 2022-23, and some are shared with Holton-Arms School. 

    2022-23 Landon Bus Schedule
    2022-23 Landon Bus Schedule
    2022-23 Course of Study Graphic



    The Landon Admissions team is here to help you through the application process, answer your questions, and connect you with parents or other members of the community who can speak to why Landon is best for boys. Please call us at 301-320-3200 or email us at

    Mrs. Kareena Applewhite

    Mrs. Kareena Applewhite

    Director of Lower School Admissions
    Mr. Jack  Cantlay

    Mr. Jack Cantlay

    Associate Director of Admissions - Upper School
    Ms. Tracy Crittenberger

    Ms. Tracy Crittenberger

    Assistant Director of Admissions
    Mr. Russ Gagarin

    Mr. Russ Gagarin

    Middle School Math Teacher and Director of Financial Aid
    Mrs. Mary Lisa Geppert

    Mrs. Mary Lisa Geppert

    Interim Director of Admissions and Enrollment
    Mr. Hajj Turner

    Mr. Hajj Turner

    Admissions Officer and Upper School Teacher
    Ms. Destiny Welch

    Ms. Destiny Welch

    Assistant Director of Admissions and Admissions Database/Communications Coordinator

    Accreditation & Policies

    In its admission of qualified boys, and the administration of its educational policies, financial aid, athletic, and other student programs, Landon School does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, national origin or ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, or disability unrelated to a particular activity.

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