Financial Aid: Your Questions Answered

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For many families, financial aid can make or break their hopes of a private school education. More than 150,000 students in independent schools across the country receive in excess of $2 billion in financial aid each year, according to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

In Private School Financial Aid: Your Questions Answered, you will learn strategies and tips about how to navigate the financial aid process. These tips and transparency about the road ahead should help this process feel less overwhelming and empower you to make educated and thoughtful decisions about your family’s future. Please fill out the quick form below to receive your free copy!


Landon offers several merit-based scholarships of $10,000 annually to students entering Form III (Grade 9) who demonstrate ethics, truthfulness and character. These Maguire Ethics Scholarships will be available to both applicants and current students in Form II (Grade 8) and can be renewed on an annual basis for each year that the recipient is enrolled at Landon. Renewal is contingent upon the student remaining in good ethical, social and academic standing at the school. LEARN MORE

10 Helpful Hints from Financial Aid Director Russ Gagarin

1. Please note deadlines so that grants are not delayed or forfeited.

2. You only have to complete one Parent Financial Statement (PFS), even if you have several children applying for aid at Landon and/or other schools that uses School & Student Services (SSS). Landon’s code number is 4504.

3. Fill in whole dollar amounts only.

4. Use good-faith estimates for items where you may not know the exact number.

5. Do not wait to complete your tax return to complete your PFS.

6. Some items require a brief explanation or itemization, so please provide the detail in the spaces provided.

7. Families can track which required documents are due and when through the SSS Family Portal.

8. Keep track of your SSS login and passwords, as you will use this information to see your PFS and in future years.

9. Many families find that referencing last year’s form is helpful in filling out this year’s form, so be sure to print a copy of your PFS for future reference.

10. Any additional information or special circumstances a family would like to make known can be done through an email to Russ Gagarin at