Maguire Ethics Scholarships

Charlie Hobbs and Cary Maguire

Named for and funded by alumnus Cary M. Maguire ’46 (pictured above right), Maguire Ethics Scholarships are merit-based scholarships of $10,000 each awarded to students entering Form III (Grade 9) who demonstrate the highest standards of ethics, integrity and character. Recipients model Landon’s central values of honesty and respect and exemplify the school’s core virtues of perseverance, teamwork, honor and fair play.

Maguire Ethics Scholarships will be available both to new applicants and to current students in Form II (Grade 8) and can be renewed on an annual basis for each year that the recipient is enrolled at Landon.

Renewal is contingent upon the recipient’s continued demonstration of the highest ethical standards of the above-identified values and virtues. 

Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation and complete the essay question below. Both documents should be sent to Banfield Ethics Chair and Director of Ethics, Service and Leadership John Bellaschi at by January 25. New applicants to Landon should submit these documents with all other application materials.

Cary M. Maguire is president of the Maguire Oil Company and Maguire Energy Company and the recipient of Landon’s 2013 Kupka ’64 Distinguished Alumnus Award. He has endowed numerous fellowships, scholarships, and centers dedicated to the promotion of ethical behavior, a passion that was born in his days as a Landon man under the guidance of school founder Paul Landon Banfield.

Essay Question (250 to 500 words)

What does ethical behavior mean to you? Is it important in the way you live your life?

Ethical behavior is the basis and foundation of Landon’s values of honesty and respect and core virtues of honor, perseverance, teamwork and fair play.

In your answer, please comment on an ethical decision you have made in one of your curricular or extracurricular activities. Explain the ethical dilemma you faced, the decision that you made, and why your decision was the correct one.

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