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Our Educational Model

In addition to academic excellence, Landon offers non-academic experiences requisite for a fulfilling, flourishing life: 
Landon student playing the trumpet

A course of study in the visual and performing arts is fully integrated into the academic curriculum and helps students develop creativity in both individual and group settings. 

Landon student in a group smiling and waving

An array of community service opportunities helps students to understand the needs of society, find joy in helping others, learn the value of cooperation, and fulfill their commitment to serving others.  

Upper School football team in action

A rigorous, daily athletics requirement helps students experience the benefits of teamwork, the exhilaration of friendly competition, the importance of lifelong physical fitness, and the virtue of persevering to achieve collective goals. 

Landon Upper School boys sign the Code of Character

 School-wide emphasis on discussion and practice of the values of respect and honesty helps students to develop into principled young men of moral conviction who understand and embrace the role of virtue in their own lives.  

Landon teacher and student working amiably in a small group

A daily immersion in a diverse community sharing common experiences helps prepare students for leadership in the increasingly cosmopolitan world of tomorrow.  

Group of Landon Lower School student in a group discussion with their teacher

Landon seeks to instill in students the courage to voice their convictions confidently, a goal best achieved within an educational community characterized by open and free discussion in small classes conducted by faculty with whom students may comfortably develop close personal relationships throughout all areas—be they academic, athletic, aesthetic or advisory—of school life. It is Landon’s intent that, upon graduation, its students leave the school having embraced high standards of performance and effort, as well as a strong disposition of integrity and caring, in order to live exemplary lives in an increasingly complex and dynamic society.