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Connections that last for life.

Landon has more than 3,900 alumni living in 44 states and 20 countries. 

Landon alumni are internationally renowned musicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, legislators, professional athletes, legal experts, and so much more. But at our core, we are Landon Bears, and we are always willing to help fellow alumni with life advice or career guidance.  

Whatever path a Landon boy chooses in life, he will have the support of Bears everywhere because they trust the character, intellect, and work ethic that stem from this shared experience. 

Stephen Gordon and family at alumni luncheon
The ten formative years I spent at Landon gave me structure, consistent support, love, and discipline. It gave me a solid foundation based on the core values of honor, respect, and service to others. It’s hard to adequately measure how Landon has positively shaped my life.

- stephen gordon, SR. '75



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Homecoming and Reunions 2021

Alumni chat at party
Alumni chat at party
Football players run on field
Alumni chat at party
Alumni chat at party
Alumni chat at party


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White Rocks Welcome

Welcome Home

While the White Rocks and brick buildings serve as constant reminders of the tradition of excellence that has permeated our institution for generations, your deepest ties to Landon are likely formed in the fond memories of influential faculty and impactful friendships. Landon School graduates have made their mark not only in each other’s lives, but also on the wider world for nearly a century. 

If you’ve fallen out of touch, we welcome you home to Landon. Come see how our mission is inspiring a new generation. Please submit updates on your life, provides us with contact information so you receive our newsletters and magazines, and connect with our Landon alumni.

Have you joined Landon's dedicated alumni networking platform for job postings, discussions, mentoring and more? Join the 465+ members and spread the word among fellow Bears!

Landon Annual Report and Magazine 2020-21

Michael Banks sits on chair

Photo Credit: Washington Luxury

Having lost my father, Landon was a savior for me as a young boy. Landon served as a second family to me. My Landon friends have been there for me. They show up, and showing up is what matters most. To the teachers, coaches, parents, and classmates, I can only say—I am sincerely grateful.

- Michael Banks '92


    Alumni Groups

    New York Bears

    Our New York alumni group (New York-New Jersey-Connecticut) attends hockey games, enjoys dinner at restaurants owned by alumni, and more.


    Bay Area Bears 

    Our West Coast alumni living in the San Francisco area come together for sporting events, dinners, business meet-and-greets and other events to make connections.


    Grizzly Bears

    The Grizzly Bears comprise alumni who graduated from Landon 50 or more years ago. They get together for receptions, meetings and other events on campus.


    U.S. Bears

    Our United States Bears group connects alumni who serve or have served in the military, including Landon founder Paul Banfield, who served in World War II.


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    Support Landon

    Landon relies on the generosity of its alumni to continue its mission to prepare future generations of boys to become responsible, caring, and accomplished men.

    Alumni contributions directly benefit the experience of our boys by increasing our ability to fund scholarships, retain impactful faculty, and make investments in academic, arts, and athletic facilities. 

    Campaign for Landon

    Building for the Future

    As we look forward to Landon's centennial and beyond, we see the necessity to address pressing facility, endowment, and annual giving needs to ensure we can live our mission to the fullest, both now and in the future. To that end, we have launched a campaign to raise $50 to support and amplify the values we hold dear.


    Alumni Spotlights

    Neil Phillips '85

    “I felt very privileged to have been able to experience Landon as both a student and an administrator. I got to work with teachers, like Steve Sorkin and Mac Jacoby who taught me when I was student there. As Head of the Upper School, even though the hierarchy dictated something different, they really remained my mentors”, commented Neil Phillips ‘85 of his many years at Landon.

    Read More about Neil Phillips '85
    Kenny Jenkins and Dwight Bostwick in their old dugout

    Kenny Jenkins ‘78 and Dwight Bostwick ‘79 share a history and a friendship that dates to their time together on Landon’s 1976-78 baseball teams. “We were a formidable pair up the center. Dwight was at shortstop, and I was at second base,” Kenny states about he and his former teammate. “He was a great baseball player, and I had a lot of fun playing with him.” Dwight shares Kenny’s feelings. “I have always had a great deal of respect for Kenny. He was athletic and classy. I definitely admired him.” 

    Read More about Kenny Jenkins '78 and Dwight Bostwick '79 Take on the NFL


    Alumni Awards

    The Anthony Edward Kupka ’64 Distinguished Alumnus Award

    The Anthony Edward Kupka ’64 Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented annually at the holiday luncheon to an alumnus who has been selected to receive it by the Awards Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The award was established in 1981 in memory of Buddy Kupka ’64 who was killed in the Vietnam War. 

    Nominate an Alumnus

    The W. Landon Banfield ’50 Award for Outstanding Service 

    This award is bestowed annually at the holiday luncheon on an alumnus who, through the years, has been selflessly devoted to the development of Landon School and the well-being of its boys. The award is named in honor of  Dr. W. Landon Banfield ’50 for his tireless dedication to the preservation of the Landon tradition.

    Nominate an Alumnus

    Mark Knebel and family eat dinner
    Landon will always be a special place for our family. I find myself looking for reasons to return to campus and catch up with people like Steve Sorkin, Rob Bordley, and Bill Zaiser. Landon has done a fantastic job shaping my two boys (’21 and ’22). I look forward to staying connected through the Alumni Board.

    - mark knebel '88


    Alumni Board

    The purpose of the Landon School Alumni Association is to engage the alumni in meaningful ways, provide opportunities for alumni to connect to Landon and one another, and invest broadly in Landon and its future. Please see the profiles below to learn more about the current members of the Alumni Board.  


    Contact: Meet the Team

    Mr. Robinson Bordley

    Mr. Robinson Bordley

    Alumni Ambassador
    Ms. Maria Femiano

    Ms. Maria Femiano

    Development and Special Events Associate
    Dr. Peter Gallo

    Dr. Peter Gallo

    Director of Development
    Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson

    Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson

    Assistant Director of Development for Analytics, Publications, and Endowment
    Mr. Michael  McCabe

    Mr. Michael McCabe

    Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
    Mrs. Loretta Menzen

    Mrs. Loretta Menzen

    Executive Assistant to the Director of Development
    Mr. Lucas Metropulos

    Mr. Lucas Metropulos

    Director of Major and Planned Gifts
    Mrs. Cynthia Peters

    Mrs. Cynthia Peters

    Director of Special Events
    Ms. Joan Vassos

    Ms. Joan Vassos

    Annual Giving and Alumni Relations Associate

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