Alumni Spotlight

Christopher Kingsley '79
Christopher W. Kingsley '79

As an owner of Kingsley Bate I first came to Indonesia in 1985, where I lived and worked for many years.  In the early 1990’s as our teak furniture business became quite successful, I began visiting Myanmar in order to research the price of their highly regarded teak wood.

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Steve Abraham '76
Steven Abraham '76

Adventures in Living – Lessons for Life

The above is the tag line for Wilderness Leadership & Learning, Inc. (WILL) (, but before we get to that, a little background. After graduating from Landon, I followed the path taken by many Bears – college, then law school, and a career as a commercial trial attorney (I did have a few small detours to coach Varsity Football at St.A, to volunteer on a Democratic Presidential campaign, for the Voting Rights Institute, and for the legal team of a Democratic Senatorial candidate).

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Brian Haney '99
Brian Haney ’99

Like many alumni, I too am a native Washingtonian. Born in DC and raised in Chevy Chase, I’ve called this area home my entire life. My journey after Landon took me to Indiana University where I did the unusual thing and graduated in 3 years instead of 4 (or 5), thanks in no small part to Landon’s AP classes.

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