Who's Coming

Curious to know which one of your Bear Brothers will be attending this year's Homecoming and Reunions Weekend? See the list below organized by class year!

Name Class Year
Lowell Davis Former Faculty
William "Bud" Miller 1959
William Weber 1959
George Wenchel 1965
Rob Bordley


Danny Korengold 1969
Robert Fogarty 1969
Phil Jacobs 1969
John Logan 1969
Tom Newbill 1969
Todd Sloan 1969
Jonathan Warner 1979
Steve Evans 1984
Ted Duncan 1984
Andrew Lazerow 1984
Brad Reynolds 1984
Eric Flack 1994
Bernard Nossuli 1994
Marcus Oliver 1994
Billy Walsh 1994
David Groban 1999
George Vincent 1999
Brant Duber 2004
Andrew Goldstein2 2004
Gus Umanzor 2008
Vladimir Costescu 2009
Greg Eacho 2009
Brian Reilly 2009
Aaron Beguelin 2014

Alumni Calendar


Flag football arrives at Landon

Landon is making changes to its athletics program to ensure the well-being of our boys and to align the structure with the school's mission following recommendations made by the Athletics Philosophy Committee.

Landon leaps into student enrichment

Lower School students will have new learning opportunities in the 2019-20 school year with the introduction of the Landon Enrichment and Afterschool Program (LEAP).