Kupka and Banfield Awards


The Anthony Edward Kupka ’64 Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented annually at the Holiday Luncheon to an alumnus who has been selected to receive it by the Awards’ Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The award was established in 1981 in memory of Buddy Kupka ’64, who was killed in the Vietnam War.

During his years at Landon, Buddy exemplified all the qualities of citizenship, integrity and diligence Landon has always sought to instill in its students. The award is made each year to an alumnus who has demonstrated the ideals for which Landon stands through service to Landon, his community, his profession, or his country.

Kupka Award Winners
2017Jonathan D. Schiller ’65
2016The Hon. Steve Rideout ’61
2015Dr. James L. Cavanaugh Jr. ’59
2014Donald L. Dell ’56
2013Cary M. Maguire ’46
2012Charles A. Hobbs ’46
2011Tom McEwan ’64 and Jamie McEwan ’70
2010John F. “Jeff” Fort III ’59
2009Dr. Richard K. Dortzbach ’55
2008Devol Brett ’41
2007Joshua M. Freeman ’83
2006Phillip S. Jacobs ’69
2005John M. Ourisman ’71
2004Maury Povich ’57
2003Bruce T. Adams ’66
2002Rush Holt ’66
2001Rufus King ’60
2000Jerry FitzGerald ’50
1999Ahmet Ertegun ’40
1998Knight Kiplinger ’65
1997Win Wilson ’45
1996Alan Brinkley ’67
1995Charlie Whitebread ’61
1994John A. Manfuso ’47
1993George Kriner ’43
1992Bob Hanson ’43
1991Lou Byron ’57
1990John Walker ’44
1989Don Harris ’47
1988Stan Harris ’45
1987Landon Banfield ’50
1986Chuck Boteler ’41
1985Tom Owen ’53
1984John Gill ’42
1983Bill Patch ’43
1982Harrison Prindle ’31
1981Alumni who gave their lives in the service of their country


This award is bestowed annually at the Holiday Luncheon on an alumnus who, through the years, has been selflessly devoted to the development of Landon School and the well-being of its boys. The award is named in Honor of Dr. W. Landon Banfield ’50 for his tireless dedication to the preservation of the Landon tradition.

William Landon Banfield III ’50, trustee emeritus and nephew of school founder Paul Landon Banfield, graduated from Princeton University and George Washington University Medical School, where he was later on the faculty. He was an Air Force flight surgeon from 1959-61 and was a partner in the Urology Group medical practice in Washington, D.C. A native of Bethesda, he lived in Poolesville with his wife, Cicely Anderson Banfield. The Banfields had three children, including two Landon alumni, Landon ’81 and Philip ’82, and a daughter, Dale.

Dr. Banfield spent more years at Landon that any graduate: He entered in first grade, when the school briefly took students in first, second and third grades. On the athletic field, he distinguished himself by excelling in football, basketball and baseball. He captained the football team in his senior year and was a starter on the basketball team. He was an enthusiastic supporter of many programs at Landon, but when asked about his favorite, he would always answer that it was the Shrimp Bowl game. He felt that it was a great equalizer where boys from varied backgrounds were all the same on the football field.

Throughout his life, he remained active in the affairs of the school his uncle and aunt built. He lived his entire life as a man who embodied all of characteristics that Landon School most prizes: loyalty, honor, character, commitment and service. In 2001, just months before he died, the Alumni Association established the W. Landon Banfield ’50 Award for Outstanding Service to Landon, paying tribute to Dr. Banfield’s tireless dedication to the preservation of the Landon tradition and recognizing others who share his love for this School.

Banfield Award Winners
2017Sylvester F. Miniter ’80
2016Sandy Murray ’63
2015Marcos S. Williams ’65
2014Murray S. Simpson ’55
2013Daniel L. Korengold ’69
Henry Dudley ’66
Wallace F. “Hap” Holladay Jr. ’65
H. Sherman “Tiger” Joyce ’78
Thomas F. Cunningham ’76
Robert Buchanan ’60
John P. Leachman ’69
Knight A. Kiplinger ’65
Russell C. Lindner ’72
Paul B. Kern Jr. ’54
John G. Shooshan ’70
Lawrence L. Lamade ’65
Robinson M. Bordley ’66

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