Vehicle Access Sticker Request Form

Please fill out and submit the Vehicle Access Sticker Request Form below for any vehicle that will be driven on campus and does not already have a sticker. Stickers will be sent by snail mail.

Cars with the Bear sticker in the windshield will be waved through our security checkpoints, while those without a sticker will be stopped.

Please note: All Upper School student drivers also must complete the Student Driver Registration Form and submit it to the Upper School Office to obtain permission to operate a vehicle on campus.

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Upper School Learning Specialist Emily Howe shares why she believes there are distinct characteristics to the value of "compassion" that help people feel understood and supported in their greatest time of need.

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Jelani '19 — an AP student, member of the yearbook staff, and athlete on the varsity football team — spoke about why he believes we should show our gratitude in more meaningful ways rather than just saying "thank you."