Classroom Innovations Podcast

Welcome to "Classroom Innovations," our new podcast series that gives you an inside look at academic life at Landon. Through a series of conversations with different teacher-coach-mentors and administrators that always last less than 10 minutes, Classroom Innovations shows how different learning strategies help our boys learn best.

Episode 4: Memorable Moments

In our fourth installment, we speak with two Landon teacher-coach-mentors who employ a creative teaching technique that turns a cut-and-dry lesson into a memorable moment for the boys. 

Episode 2: Flipping the Classroom

What if students could watch video lectures at home and work on homework in class alongside their teachers? Hear from two teachers implementing that teaching method at Landon.

Episode 3: Experiential Learning

In our third episode, we sit down with Mr. Case Anderson, one of Landon's Middle School English teachers and discuss how teacher-coach-mentors weave the world around us into their curricula.

Episode 1: Project Zero

In our first episode, Landon World Languages Chair Dr. Troy Prinkey discusses how Landon uses a learning approach that focuses on deep thinking, creativity, and ethics called "Project Zero."

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