Distance learn, adopt a dog!

Middle School teacher Tom Drescher is one of many Americans who are taking advantage of working from home and distance learning to adopt a rescue animal.  Drescher and his wife, Becky Nolin, browsed online for a few months, then adopted a terrier Pitbull mix named Goldie. They told their story to Voice of America (VOA).

“My wife and I had been talking for quite a while about the idea of adopting a dog,” Drescher told VOA during an interview via Zoom. “It made a lot of sense to us to adopt a dog now because we realized that we could give Goldie the time and the attention and care that she needed. And as first-time dog owners ourselves, we would have the bandwidth to be able to do that -- sort of learning as we go, and to get it right.” 

Read more in this news story about why Drescher and his wife kept coming back to photos of Goldie, or watch more in this VOA video below!