Landon stays hydrated

Orange water bottles are now a mainstay on campus for faculty and students under a new program to encourage proper hydration.

Landon’s Health and Wellness Committee, led by School Nurse Julie Acebal, Head Athletic Trainer Mike McCormick, and Director of Human Resources Morgan Pearson, led the initiative. They, along with division leadership, distributed the bottles to each boy and faculty member in the first few weeks of school.

There are currently five water-filling stations: one in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, respectively as well as the Barton Alumni Athleitc center and the Monzcac Performing Arts Center. The goal of the initiative is to add a few water stations each year that will encourage more water consumption and help the environment.  

“Hydration plays a key role in academic and athletic performance as well as injury prevention, sleep quality, and ability to retain information,” McCormick said. “We encourage our community to please carry your bottle with you throughout the day to ensure you are properly hydrated.”

School Store Manager Jennifer Reed designed the bottles, though they are not currently for sale in the store. The Health and Wellness Committee meets monthly to discuss ways to improve the health and wellness of the Landon community.