Late Start learning

What do faculty do during Late Starts throughout the school year? They take time to learn.

Landon has established eight professional growth groups for 2019-20 to provide faculty with time to continue to learn as educators through sharing best practices from both the Landon faculty and from outside resources. Each teacher selected the professional growth group that aligns with their professional growth goals, and each group is made up of a mix of Lower, Middle, and Upper School faculty. 

“We want to ensure that we are supporting our outstanding teacher-coach-mentors in their professional growth and providing faculty with time and structure to collaborate on some of today’s most important challenges in education,” said Assistant Headmaster Charles Franklin.

The following topics were selected for their relevance to the experience of Landon boys:

  • Building a positive team culture in both athletic teams and performing arts groups
  • Building independent and responsible students
  • Classroom observations
  • Differentiation: teaching to a range of students in the same classroom
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Project Zero (Harvard University Graduate School of Education program)
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Visits to and learning from other boys’ schools

The 2018 Landon Strategic Plan included goals to promote faculty growth and expand investment in professional development so faculty may advance consistent and high levels of teaching practices. The groups began meeting before the first day of school and will continue during Late Start days throughout the year.