Return to IAC Play


On February 27, Landon competed against Georgetown Prep in cross country, 7 v 7 football, and soccer for the first time since the pandemic started.  The familiar sounds of a friendly sports rivalry echoed on the fields in this first outing of Interstate Athletic Conferences (IAC) play for Upper School students. And it’s a feeling that, for the past year, so many have been yearning for.

“It was fun, especially knowing it was my last time playing Georgetown Prep in a sport,” Greg Johnson, a senior captain, said of the football game. “We played hard and played as a team. Being out there, we could finally show how much we have been working.” 

Saturday’s competitions were part of an initial phase for the period leading up to Spring Break, focusing on low and medium risk IAC fall sports. Students were given the opportunity to sign up for soccer, cross country, and 7 v 7 one-hand touch football to take part in training and friendly IAC matches.  

“The games with Georgetown Prep were the result of two great schools coming together to safely return the boys to the fields,” Brady said. “It was a year’s worth of working with our colleagues in the IAC to monitor the health of our communities and establish safety protocols that we all adhere to.” 

All of Landon’s peer IAC schools have agreed to a set of standards as the boys are introduced back into competition. These standards include weekly COVID- 19 PCR tests, no spectators, masking during play and on the sidelines, among others.

 “I for one, was inspired to see the collegiality, competitiveness, and full understanding of what the moment meant in the bigger picture,” Brady said of the Saturday competitions. “Every boy, coach, official, and staff member were all there to support each other in doing the things they love.  This day will be remembered for years to come.  So thank you to everyone that was involved in getting our boys back on the fields.” 

Details for the next sporting events are being finalized, but they will take place on either Friday or Saturday on the weekends of March 5-6 and March 12-13.