Snacking during social distancing 

This blog post is part of a series of #WellnessWednesday tips. This week, the Landon wellness team provides tips to eat well, especially when you have the desire to grab a snack. 

Snacking during social distancing can be a challenge. Boredom, anxiety, stress, and frustration can have us all reaching for those comforting, carbohydrate-loaded, sugary snacks. But a healthy diet is crucial now more than ever. It is not only necessary for a healthy immune system but also for our mental well being. 
The key is nutritious snacking. You are probably wondering is that even possible? And the answer is yes! Snacks are an important part of our day.  

They keep us fueled up with energy, and they help prevent us from overeating at mealtimes. Snacks are also a perfect time to add an extra serving of fruits and vegetables. The best snacks are going to provide carbohydrates for energy and proteins to build and repair muscles.  

The obvious healthy snacks are fruits and vegetables. But let’s be honest, when you are craving potato chips, an apple is just not going to cut it. The key is to figure out what you are craving and substitute it with a healthy option.  

For example, if you are craving something salty, instead of reaching for the pretzels and bag of chips, make your own homemade sweet potato crisps. All it takes is a sweet potato, olive oil, and your preferred seasonings. Bake in the oven at 450° for 30 minutes and enjoy your healthy chips! To add protein, simply dip your chips in hummus. 
If you are craving something sweet, we have the perfect life hack for you. Whip cream should become your new best friend, it is low in calories, less than one gram of sugar and only one carbohydrate. To give this sweet snack nutritional value, add your favorite fruit. This snack will satisfy that sweet tooth in no time! 

Snacking can be healthy and a nutritious part of our day. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have all the right foods available to put together a healthy snack. Pairing proteins and carbohydrates together will not only satisfy your cravings but also provide you with important fuel to get you through the day and this quarantine.  Stay well and happy snacking!