Tips for Tech Wellness

In this blog, our Director of Education Technology and Libraries Laurie Sears offers tips and tools to manage your son’s screen time, keep technology working well, and ways to restrict sites and apps. 

This situation has put us all in a tough spot, we are dependent on our machines and online tools to keep us connected, but, for some, this can be a huge challenge in maintaining focus and attention. We do not have a magic bullet to solve this issue. For parents of Landon Lower and Middle School students, it is not possible to do anything to the computers Landon has provided your son to disallow access to certain web sites.  

Oversight, parental authority, open conversation, and tech strategies all play a role in keeping students use of technology constructive and healthy. It’s not easy, but if we are working together, we can have a positive impact on Landon boys’ use of technology now and moving forward. 


Four Tips to Set Tech Boundaries 

  1. Only allow your son to use his phone or other devices (if he has any) during specific hours by having him give it/them to you during off hours. 

  1. Keep electronics out of bedrooms (except during the school day as needed). 

  1. Ask your son to take notes for classes (even if teachers are not specifically requiring them) to have him demonstrate that he is engaged. 

  1. Talk with your son about the school’s and your expectations, and keep the lines of communication open around the use of technology and its cascading implications for school, health, and emotional health (Common Sense Media’s website has good suggestions in this regard.) 


Tips for Parental Controls 

At school, we have blocking software, and teachers can see screens and gauge awareness. Even in a remote situation when teachers see that a student is not on task, they ask the student to reengage. At home, you can use your router to set limits or get a parental control software to help. It requires some work on your part. We recommend you follow this advice, culled from a more extensive Common Sense Media discussion of these issues


Tips for Keeping Tech Working Well 

In addition to the issues of keeping your child engaged in his schoolwork and disengaging him from screens when possible, there are the day-to-day issues of technology not working properly. Sometimes, these things are out of our hands. For instance, there was a multistate disruption in Verizon's network recently that affected everyone’s work. There are things that we can do to keep the machines we use in good working order. Work with your internet provider to ensure you have the broadband required to meet your needs. Follow these five tips to keep your computer working well: 

  1. Restart your computer each day, and when you go from one Wi-Fi to another. 

  1. Clear the cache and cookies regularly. 

  1. Take good physical care of your machine. (Don't leave it on the ground, throw it around, leave it in a hot car...) 

  1. Fully charge your computer each night so you can use it as needed during the day. 

  1. Avoid food and drink around your computer and have clean hands when using your computer. 


Here is our full list of best practices and, as always, if you or your son has any tech issues, please email