Why my four boys are all Bears

This blog post was written by Landon mom and frequent LMA, Azalea Garden Festival and Greens Sale volunteer Kato Gilbert. She and her husband Doug currently have two boys in the school: Peter '18 and Michael '20. Their sons Jack '14 and Ben '16 are graduates.

When Jack was in Fifth Grade, we started looking for a school for Sixth Grade. Doug had played lacrosse with two Landon graduates at Williams College, and they both loved the school. So when Jack got in, that just opened up the world of Landon to us.

Our boys are all really different, but because Landon emphasizes art, theater, academics and athletics they have all been able to find their niche and thrive here. Jack discovered running senior year, and he went on to compete in college. The other boys run as well. Ben sails and plays hockey. Peter is into soccer.

And they're all involved in the arts. Jack was in the plays. Ben loves the handbells and acting — in addition to the school plays, he did improv and the one-act plays. Peter is our family's first visual artist. He's taking painting in the Upper School, and it has been so fun to watch that journey unfold. Michael loves to act.

One of the most amazing things about the Landon community is how so many people get involved through volunteering. I have never been a part of a community that is as generous as this one. I'm doing the concessions now for football, basketball and lacrosse, and whenever we send out an email saying that we need eight people at a game to cook hamburgers and hot dogs, they just do it. You're never hurting for people to help.

The best part is that the school is just so welcoming. Moms feel welcome on the campus, even though it's all boys. It's a great parent community, and I love being a part of it. Sometimes I think I have more school spirit than my kids ... and that's saying a lot.

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