'The community doesn't end when you graduate'

William Leighton-Armah ’09 (pictured above wearing No. 59) wrote this blog post. William came to Landon his junior year, played varsity lacrosse, and was MVP of the 2009 IAC Champion varsity football team. William graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he played lacrosse, in 2013 and he currently works in real estate.

I only spent two years at Landon, but they were wonderful times I will always cherish. The one thing I noticed immediately was the enormous sense of community. It is special to be a part of a community like that and a valuable asset that I didn’t fully appreciate until after I graduated.

Mr. Bordley and the other coaches — along with teachers including Alfredo Benavides, Mike DerwinskiMatt Dougherty and Doug Nettles — were great mentors to me and really enriched my time at the school. I am constantly reminded of the influence that my teachers had on me, and it is something I will never forget.

At Landon, the class schedule pushes students to be more independent and take responsibility for getting work done on time, which eased my transition to college at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill and gave me the tools to balance being in the business school and being a varsity athlete.

The connection that alums have with each other is very special, and it is one that I share not only with my Landon classmates but also with people that came through the school before me.

I cherish Landon’s sense of community and am still an active part of that community. I live in the area and stop by campus often. People such as Marty Klingelhofer and George Pappas have been great resources and have really helped me tap into the alumni network. The community doesn’t end when you graduate, and I am very grateful for my experiences as both a student and an alum.