Using art to spread happiness

The following blog post is the artist statement that Brian '16 wrote for his senior art show, which is on display in Landon's Landow Gallery through the end of February. In the statement, Brian explains how he has used art to bring joy to others by creating paintings for cancer patients in the D.C. area and orphans in Kenya. Brian's paintings have won awards in the Best of the Independent Schools Art Competition and the Congressional Art Competition. He is also a member of the Cum Laude Society for academic excellence and a varsity soccer and baseball player.

Before I begin talking about myself, I would like to thank [my art teachers], Mr. [Walt] Bartman, Mr. [Aaron] Brophy, Mr. [Michael] Carter and Mr. [Ricky] Sears '99, for helping me develop into the artist I am today. Landon has provided me with an opportunity to test my creativity and pursue my passion for painting.

While at Landon, I have studied numerous artists and techniques, but I have leaned toward a more realistic style in my work. I enjoy rendering animals on canvas, as well as landscapes and still-life paintings. To me, art is more than oil paint organized on a canvas: It is a way to evoke emotion and express oneself.

Last year, I decided to take it upon myself to spread happiness through my art and share my work with others. The Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., provided me with a way to do so. The Child Life Services at the hospital put me in touch with patients' families, and I was invited to paint their pets. After completing a painting, I meet the patient at the hospital or drop it off at their house. In this manner, I have been introduced to many brave, inspirational and positive individuals. I am glad to know that fellow Landon Bear Andrew '18 shares this passion with me and will continue this tradition after I graduate. Landon has been my home for the past nine years, and I will forever be thankful for it.

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