Landon taught me balance

Landon School Class of 1981

In this blog post, Andy Kerr '81 (pictured above, far left, with other members of the Class of 1981) shares how Landon instilled in him the importance of being well-rounded. At Landon, Andy was the associate editor for the Landon News, president of the Community Service organization, and a member of the baseball, soccer and track teams. He went to Stanford University for college and University of Southern California Gould School of Law and currently resides in Las Vegas, where he is an intellectual property lawyer.

One of the special qualities of Landon is the values that it instills in you: a great work ethic, perseverance, diligence, responsibility and character. What I was taught at Landon was much more than words; it was about meaningful action. I think that is why alumni feel this bond and allegiance and sense of common values in a very positive way. We are doing many different things, but we are still close.

Landon was a challenging place — and it was a positive place. We worked hard, but in the end, we're all glad we came here. We had great teachers, and they brought out the best in us. For example, our English teachers — Ed Sundt, Peter Swinehart and Charlie Campbell — taught us the fundamentals of writing, which has made a difference in our lives.

One thing I love about my classmates and other fellow alums is that we don't take ourselves too seriously and we are always there for each other. We're always trying to get better and keep learning. That is one of the great qualities of Landon: This place is down to earth, it's unpretentious. We had a lot of fun here; we joked around a lot. The same is true of Camp Wachusett, a summer camp I attended run by Landon legends Bill Triplett and Jim Weiss. When I see other alumni years later, we pick up like it was just yesterday.

Landon also taught me balance, how to be well-rounded and to strive to be a Renaissance man. I still try to teach myself new things by watching YouTube videos, among other things. I have the confidence that I can teach myself something new, and that comes from Landon.

The teachers at Landon taught us how to learn independently, how to think logically and analyze things, and how to have the patience and determination to keep going in the face of challenge. When you did things at Landon, you didn't cut corners; you did them the right way. That's something I carry with me to this day.