Landon and Holton Leaders in Training

More than 170 sophomores, juniors and seniors from Holton-Arms and Landon Schools attended the second annual Landon-Holton Leadership Summit, a three-day collaborative conference designed to explore the skills and values that make a good leader and to outline a unified vision at each school for the upcoming year.

"For me, the most powerful takeaway is that many of our students walked away from the Leadership Summit expressing that their confidence in their ability to lead had notably increased," said Ray Wright, Director of Upper School Ethics, Service, and Leadership and Landon's Form IV Dean. "I believe anyone can be a leader, and now more of our students do as well."

Over the course of two days, Holton students traveled to Landon where they attended several workshops, led by faculty and staff from Landon and Holton, and participated in smaller breakout sessions. The Summit welcomed guest speaker Dr. Greg Dale, Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs, from Duke University, who gave the keynote speech and led breakout sessions the second day. Some of the key observations students referenced included: "It's not bad to be an introvert," "I'm more suited to being a leader than I thought," and "It's important to listen and 'try on' other people's perspectives."

Both schools spent time dissecting what it means to be a student at their respective schools. They used this information to host breakout sessions, led by student leaders, to discuss areas of success and growth. Ideas generated in these sessions eventually coalesced into visions and action plans that will serve as guides for Landon and Holton-Arms in the coming year.