Landon physics teacher honored by University of Chicago

The University of Chicago has named Landon Upper School Science Teacher Matthew Johnson one of its 2018 Outstanding Educators, an honor given to teachers that have made a particular impact on members of its incoming class.

Mr. Johnson teaches Advanced Placement Physics and Introduction to Engineering at Landon. He also coaches the Form III basketball and junior varsity baseball teams.

Mr. Johnson was nominated by Harshvardhan "Harsh" Singh '18, who started his first semester at the University of Chicago in September. Students were asked to write letters of recommendation for teachers who "changed the course of their lives, who taught them to re-imagine texts, and delve deeper into problem-solving."

Before taking physics with Mr. Johnson, Singh questioned whether a career in science was something he might want to pursue.

"Before, I thought advanced physics wasn't right for me," said Singh. "But after I took Mr. Johnson's course, I saw how physics can be fun and how I could actually enjoy it."

Mr. Johnson believes that his students make every second count in class, learning to challenge themselves and set their sights on achieving high scores on major assessments like the Advanced Placement Physics exam.

"Every example we do in class has a purpose," said Mr. Johnson. "Knowing that my students work very hard, and to get these results back, makes it all worth wile."

Before arriving at Landon in 2015, Mr. Johnson taught physics and math in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. He holds a B.S. in physics from Millersville University.