Two seniors selected for Maryland’s All State Festivals

Andrew ’21 and Cyrus ’21 have once again been selected for Maryland’s All State Festivals. Chosen as concertmaster which was the highest accolade he could receive, Andrew was selected to play violin with the All State Senior Orchestra. Cyrus was selected to play baritone saxophone for the All State Jazz Ensemble. 

“For a violinist, this is the highest honor,” Joseph Cunliffe, Adjunct Music Faculty, explained. “The concertmaster is the leader of the first violin section and plays all violin solos within orchestral works.” 

“Being concertmaster is a great honor,” Andrew agreed.  “It is not just about being the best musician, but also about leading your section and the entire orchestra.  The concertmaster has to be confident and consistent.” 

Cyrus has held the baritone saxophone chair since he was a sophomore at Landon, when he was one of the youngest selected.  

“There are only five members chosen for the saxophone section and only one baritone saxophone chair,” Cunliffe said. “It is a tremendous accomplishment to be chosen in this incredibly competitive arena.” 

“It is very thrilling to know that I will be participating in the All-State Jazz Ensemble for my third year. The band’s final concert never fails to exceed my expectations through our unified sound and through my band members’ emotional, expressive solos,” Cyrus said.  

An email from the Maryland Music Educators Association states, “Due to the evolving nature of PreK-12 instruction in the state, the MMEA Executive Board has decided to not host in-person 2021 All State ensembles.” There will also be no 2021 virtual ensemble. The musicians selected will receive a PDF certificate and a traditional medal.