Designed for Boys

Students race balloon cars
Student test slinky experiment in science

Every aspect of a Landon education places boys at the center.

One look at the activity on campus illustrates our top priority: to create an experience that spurs growth for boys in all areas. Our teachers introduce academic challenge in ways that harness boys’ natural energy and curiosity as an asset to their learning. From a schedule that encourages movement and offers breathing room to enhance cognitive development to 75 acres of green fields, studios, labs, and fresh air, the difference is palpable—and represents exactly what boys need to thrive.



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Kamal '24


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Upper School English Teacher

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Teachers, Coaches & Mentors


Of Faculty Hold Advanced Degrees


Student-Teacher Ratio


Year Tenure

On Average for Faculty

You are known.

Relationships are foundational at Landon, which is why a Landon boy’s art teacher, tennis coach, and advisor may very well be the same person. 

In fact, Landon teachers, like Dori Boyce, are required to coach and mentor students because we believe the connections they form with students in these roles allow faculty to educate every boy more effectively. (Dori serves as an academic dean, teaches art, and coaches tennis!)

As teachers and students see each other in different lights, they develop a common language and experience that can be leveraged to the boys’ benefit. You can see how this plays out in the classroom and all over campus.

Movement Breaks

Boys enjoy breaks between classes, plus afternoon athletics to stay focused.

Rotating Schedule

Boys have rotating schedules that maximize students' peak learning times.

Active Learning

Boys experience hands-on learning in each subject to stay engaged.

A Curriculum Designed For Boys

Relationships are at the very core of our community at Landon. As teacher-coach-mentors, we learn what makes our students tick and where they need support. This approach allows us to challenge the boys to reach their potential in the classroom, on the stage, and on the fields. - will mcgettigan, Upper School History teacher and head varsity lacrosse coach


    Ethics, Service & Leadership

    Landon develops caring, thoughtful men who realize that their views and ideas matter, that their words can lift others, and that their actions, guided by respect, empathy, inclusivity, and civility, can effect positive change. It is not just worthy work; it is a moral obligation we owe to our boys, their families, and the world to develop young men who live honorable and ethical lives.

    We believe leadership grows from experience, which is why Landon students earn opportunities to take responsibility for their own actions and those of their peers through positions on our student and honor councils, captaincies on our athletic teams, leadership in service initiatives, and more.

    Students sign character pledge

    Character Pledge

    Character development is central to all we do. Our ability to advance this goal is dependent on the willingness of individual community members to agree to and embrace the principles of good character outlined in our Character Pledge. This Pledge serves as an overarching standard for daily ethical conduct and includes three parts: an Honor Code, a Civility Code, and our Core Values. Each year all Landon students, teachers, and staff are asked to read and sign a document pledging themselves to these principles.


    Honor Code

    I will not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate others doing so.

    Civility Code

    I will regard and treat all people – whether in word or deed – with respect and dignity. I agree to treat my relationships, school, surroundings, and myself similarly. I will not tolerate behaviors by others that run counter to the principles of respectful behavior and decency.

    Core Values 

    Respect – Honesty – Teamwork – Responsibility – Perseverance – Kindness – Inclusivity – Courage – Gratitude – Humility – Service


    Seniors Complete Ethics or Service Capstone Project


    Code of Character Signatures


    Meals Packed for Rise Against Hunger

    TJ Kim

    Putting Others First

    While service is not a requirement at Landon, our boys still go to great lengths to spend their time helping others.

    One student, TJ Kim '22, started “Operation Supplies Over Skies,” in which he used his pilot's license to deliver donated medical supplies to remote hospitals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year, boys pack Thanksgiving baskets, donate canned goods and winter coats, work with special needs students, and more through partnerships with organizations such as A Wider Circle, Manna Food Center, Special Olympics, and Iona Senior Services.


    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Respect is a core value of a Landon School education. And respecting others means respecting and celebrating their different journeys, backgrounds, and identities.  Landon is committed to promoting supportive and welcoming traits like inclusivity and appreciating diversity and how it enriches the tapestry of the community.  We seek to develop in our students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to value differences, encouraging both speaking and acting with integrity and compassion and developing an informed and respectful worldview.

    This work is supported by round table discussions, school assemblies, and events based on cultural celebrations.

    They include Lunar New Year, and schoolwide events to honor Black History Month, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month.  Students are at the center of this work, as they share their own stories and are presenters at these events. 


    Students of Color


    Annual co-ed events including leadership seminars


    Zip codes represented in the student body

    James Speight

     Landon helped me shape my worldview. I was able to tap into so many parts of what inform my identity. I could be a football player, an a capella singer, and a newspaper writer. That is the Landon man, a man of honor and a culturally aware and active global citizen.

    - james speight '10


    Health, Wellness & Fitness


    Movement Minutes in Lower School Daily


    Movement Minutes in Middle School Daily


    Athletics Options in Upper School

    Health, Wellness, and Fitness

    We know that healthy and happy boys learn better. That’s why we don’t compromise on anything that will foster boys’ mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being. In addition to daily athletics, study halls, teacher office hours, and dedicated time with advisors, an age-appropriate schedule provide the breaks boys need to be rejuvenated and engage fully in their learning.

    Athletics are a requirement for all three seasons. For some, that means the opportunity to compete at the highest level. For others, this focus on fitness means daily exercise in our strength and conditioning program or participation in club or intramural sports.


    Landon offers athletics in every division, from Lower School flag football to varsity baseball.

    Because we believe so deeply in the benefits of interscholastic athletics, we require every boy in the Middle and Upper Schools to participate in a sport at Landon during every season. Beyond physical exercise and overall wellness, athletics also gives every boy the opportunity to experience teamwork and develop leadership skills that will help him throughout his life.  

    Player catches lacrosse ball
    Student plays handbells


    Creative expression breeds self-confidence in every boy at Landon.

    With every brushstroke, he’s discovering a strength he didn’t know he had. With every performance, he’s channeling his emotions and turning them into artistry. With every violin solo, he’s gaining confidence as a musician and a young man. Landon offers 22 courses in studio art, music, and theater every year, beginning in Grade 3 and continuing through the Upper School, where our handbells program is nationally renowned. 

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