Learning 2020-21

Learning Plan


In these uncertain times, boys need structure, flexibility, inspiration, and connection more than ever. Landon's plan for learning in 2020-21 is designed to provide our boys with meaningful, engaging experiences through distance, hybrid, or on-campus instruction and to retain our sense of community during a school closure.  

Our education has always been about more than beautiful spaces and facilities. It’s about knowing how to reach boys whether on campus or at home. And it is rooted in the relationships between boys and teachers they respect—teachers whose creativity and dedication enhance every boy’s experience. No matter the platform or channel, boys thrive at Landon because we design and adapt our program to fit the ways boys learn best.

All grades are now fully on campus daily with the exception of families who have chosen Distance Learning. For more information on our current school status, please visit this page: www.landon.net/coronavirus.


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    Hybrid Learning



    Learning Scenarios

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    Hybrid Learning

    Watch the videos below to learn how Landon is utilizing its 75-acre campus and 35+ tents to implement hybrid learning.

    Week in review

    Art takes shape

    Poetry connections

    Distance learning at Landon


    Watch the videos below to learn how the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools implemented five-day-a-week remote learning, including arts and athletics.

    Grades 3-5

    Grades 6-8

    Grades 9-12

    Parents on 2020-21 Learning

    These are difficult days...and we are glad Landon is trying to help the boys stay engaged and learn, while sharing what is going on with us parents, who too are learning to cope with the present social distancing and dependence on technology to do our jobs remotely from our offices.  We know this pandemic will end, and appreciate Landon's enthusiasm to make the best of it."

    I'm super impressed by the professionalism and excellent job the teachers are doing. I  know that distance learning is hard for a teacher as well and I have walked in and heard the teachers' lessons, seen some of the work, and I am really proud of the Landon teachers for the super way they adapted to distance learning and how well they are doing."

    The teachers in general have been amazing at checking in on the social-emotional piece with the boys and communication. The workload seems reasonable, and our son doesn't feel like he's getting busy work."

    We think it is wonderful that we are getting the boys back to campus. We feel the COVID protocols that Landon has put in place make this a very safe endeavor.  Our son has been grateful to be with his peers and start making friends as well as in-person connections with his teachers." 


    An Artful Approach to Hybrid Learning

    Take a look at how theater, orchestra, band, handbells and chorus have adapted to Hybrid Learning to help our Bears play safely and with teamwork at its heart.

    Science field trip goes virtual

    Lower School Bears in Beth Hughes' science class took to a virtual trip to the USA Science and Engineering Festival, where they learned about math, nature, and energy.

    Good News

    Wellness Wednesday Blog



    This video and blog post are part of a series of #WellnessWednesday tips. Head Athletic Trainer Mike McCormick stresses that it is important to remember to focus on overall wellness.

    This blog post is part of a series of #WellnessWednesday tips. This week, Lower and Middle School Counselor Adam Diaz shares how students can stay motivated during the pandemic.

    This blog post is part of a series of #WellnessWednesday tips. This week, the Landon wellness team shares that Upper School families and faculty explored how to manage stress and anxiety by viewing and discussing, Angst, a documentary.