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Distance learning at Landon

In these uncertain times, boys need structure, flexibility, inspiration, and connection more than ever. The Landon Distance Learning Plan is designed to provide our boys with meaningful, engaging experiences through online instruction and to retain our sense of community throughout a school closure.  

Our education has always been about more than beautiful spaces and facilities. It’s about knowing how to reach boys whether on campus or at home. And it is rooted in the relationships between boys and teachers they respect—teachers whose creativity and dedication enhance every boy’s experience. No matter the platform or channel, boys thrive at Landon because we design and adapt our program to fit the ways boys learn best. For more information on our school status and our return-to-school plan, please visit:

coronavirus & Return-to-school plan


the experience

Watch the videos below to learn how the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools implemented five-day-a-week remote learning, including arts and athletics.

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12


Bears@Home Video

Putting feelings to paper through poetry

Form III English 1 students completed a class poetry portfolio during distance learning. The students studied ten poets and crafted poems in their styles. The poetry portfolio showcases the poems that each student selected as their favorite.

Parents on Distance Learning

These are difficult days...and we are glad Landon is trying to help the boys stay engaged and learn, while sharing what is going on with us parents, who too are learning to cope with the present social distancing and dependence on technology to do our jobs remotely from our offices.  We know this pandemic will end, and appreciate Landon's enthusiasm to make the best of it."

I'm super impressed by the professionalism and excellent job the teachers are doing. I  know that distance learning is hard for a teacher as well and I have walked in and heard the teachers' lessons, seen some of the work, and I am really proud of the Landon teachers for the super way they adapted to distance learning and how well they are doing."

The leadership was excellent with communication before school closed, and continues to be doing a fantastic job of getting information to us. The teachers in general have been amazing at checking in on the social-emotional piece with the boys and communication. The workload seems reasonable, and our son doesn't feel like he's getting busy work."

Landon has truly taken this challenge head on and succeeded. These boys lack for nothing academically. This stellar distance learning program, which I’m sure had to be designed without any precedent, is yet another reason why we’re grateful and proud to have our son be a 10-year Bear." 

Good News

Making masks, making a difference 

Alex ’26 and his mom, Suzete, have more than 1,000 masks to provide health care professionals and first responders with personal protective equipment (PPE) to stay safe and help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Teacher Tom Drescher and foster dog

Middle School teacher Tom Drescher is one of many Americans who are taking advantage of working from home and distance learning to adopt a rescue animal.

Wellness Wednesday blog



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