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Our Mission

Landon School is committed to the ethical, intellectual, and personal development of boys. We challenge and inspire them to think deeply, individually, and broadly; to live with respect and honor; and to grow into healthy, well-rounded men of integrity and character who seek to make a positive difference in the world around them.

A National Leader in Boys’ College Preparatory Education

Since 1929, Landon School has prepared generations of boys to become accomplished, responsible, and caring men. 

Our program develops boys in Grades 3–12 as scholars and servant-leaders, as thinkers and creators, as men of character and commitment who are ready for college and life beyond. Our unwavering commitment to our faculty and their journey of learning allows them to grow and evolve as our boys do.  

Vivian English

Upper School Science Teacher

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Katie Lamade

Middle School English Teacher, Grade 6 Dean, and Curriculum Coordinator

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Tom DiChiara

Upper School English Teacher

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Our Faculty

Boys work harder and achieve more when they respect and connect with their teachers. Landon faculty members are experts in boys’ education and know that boys will only fully open themselves to complex intellectual problems and inspirational ideas when they trust that their teachers genuinely care about their well-being and success. This is the basis of our entire educational approach—what we call teacher-coach-mentor—and the exceptional men and women at Landon treat this responsibility with the seriousness, commitment, and energy it deserves.


Hajj Turner and Upper School student

Relationships are foundational at Landon, which is why a Landon boy’s history teacher, basketball coach, and advisor may very well be the same person. 

In fact, all Landon teachers are required to coach and mentor students because we believe the connections they form with students in these roles allow faculty to educate every boy more effectively. As teachers and students see each other in different lights, they develop a common language and experience that is mutually beneficial. Coaching takes many forms at Landon. Our coaches include band leaders, theater directors, newspaper sponsors, and many more. 

As a science teacher and baseball coach, I see the same boy in times of celebration, adversity, and triumph. This shows me where his confidence lies, which allows me to help them grow from their experiences.- chris powers, Middle School science teacher and varsity baseball coach



Of Faculty Hold Advanced Degrees


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Year Tenure

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Ibrahim Toure

Teacher Development Program

Landon seeks talented and energetic candidates for a teaching, diversity, and coaching faculty development program. This is a two-year experience aimed at those interested in beginning their careers in an independent school setting.  Program members, like Ibrahim Toure, receive guidance, mentorship, and support in the areas of teaching; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and coaching in the athletic or performing arts program—three of the main pillars of the Landon faculty experience. 


All full-time employees are eligible for health, dental, disability, life insurance and vision plans. 


Landon offers a 403b retirement plan, an employer match, and estate planning services.


Landon provides free lunch, camp discounts, tuition remission, and athletic facility access.


Our faculty and parent groups host barbeques, game nights, farm co-ops, and other events.

Current Job Openings

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