The Family of Funds

Area of Greatest Need – Unrestricted gifts support critical areas of the school’s operating budget which directly benefit our faculty, programming, and resources, ensuring Landon’s continued excellence in its service to our boys.

Academics and Technology – Support curriculum development and the integration of advanced resources made available to our students and teachers for both in person and distance learning. These resources provide an adaptable learning environment through innovative instructional practices using state of the art technology.

Arts, Athletics, and Activities – Support our outstanding visual and performing arts departments, athletic programs, leadership & service activities. Your gifts provide immediate and long-term resources to our talented teachers and coaches and boys, impacting their growth and challenging the boys creatively, physically and socially within in their communities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Support continued initiatives and programming which foster a culture of equity and inclusion, such as facilitated teacher and mentor training, curriculum changes, new educational materials, counseling resources, collaborations and speakers. 

Campus, Health and Safety – Support Landon’s dedicated building and grounds team as they respond and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our campus, from general year-round maintenance to facilities improvements and safety precautions, including HVAC system upgrades, ionization technology, classroom preparation, safety-related purchases, increasing cleaning needs and additional staff. 

Faculty Professional Development – Provide ongoing professional development opportunities to promote teaching excellence including workshops, conferences, continuing education and career advancement for our faculty.  

Financial Aid – Support our commitment to enroll talented, motivated, and diverse students, providing financial resources to deserving students who otherwise would not be able to be part of the Landon community. Additionally, Landon continues to assist our current families by responding to the unprecedented need for financial aid during the current pandemic.


Wellness Wednesday blog

This blog post is part of a series of #WellnessWednesday tips. This week, the Landon wellness team shares tips on how to wear, clean, and maintain a mask.