Grades 3-6

Teacher and students work on math project

Grades 3-6

A happy, healthy, and active environment awaits every Lower School boy.

In the Lower School, boys experience a curriculum designed to instill foundational skills that will allow students to be successful throughout their academic careers. Our faculty know and apply the best practices for giving boys what they need to grow as engaged learners, passionate artists, and developing athletes. 

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Lower and Middle School Counselor

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Grade 4 Teacher

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Average Class Size


Movement Minutes per Day


Different ZIP Codes Represented 

Head of Lower school meets with students

We want our students to move forward with confidence in who they are, knowing that life will undoubtedly be challenging.

We believe they can handle these challenges because Landon provides opportunities to our boys to prove to themselves they have the tools they need to thrive, and most importantly, people in their lives who care deeply about their well-being.

- Katie lamade, Head of lower school



Student paints Mandarin letters

Build a Foundation

An accomplished scholastic career at Landon begins in the Lower School, where we thoughtfully develop essential critical-thinking skills and social-emotional wellness.

We engage boys in projects and experiences that excite them about their learning, planting a positive perspective on education. Backed by the latest research, we approach every course, activity, and program through the lens of delivering what’s best for boys at this age. 

Teacher helps student with math problem



Landon uses Singapore Math's three-step learning model and is guided by Harvard University's "Project Zero" program, which uses thinking routines to develop and deepen critical thinking.

Students race homemade pumpkin cars



Students love our hands-on projects such as building spaghetti bridges and designing pumpkin cars. They leverage boys’ natural appetite for problem solving and competition.

Teacher helps student with positioning for stretching



We know that boys need to move and take breaks in order to focus and process. Our extended recess periods rejuvenate boys’ brains, boost cognitive development, and contribute to overall wellness.


Ethics Topics Explored Each Year


Science Labs


Field Trips Taken Each Year

Teacher-coach advises student on field


Boys work harder and achieve more when they respect and connect with their teachers.

Landon faculty members are experts in boys’ education and know that boys will only fully open themselves to intellectual challenges and inspirational ideas when they trust that their teachers genuinely care about their well-being and success.

This is the basis of our entire educational approach—what we call teacher-coach-mentor. Our teachers will get to know your son not only in the classroom but also in the chorus room, on the playing field, and in ethics discussions. 

How we learn

Group picture of LS spelling bee participants.

Lower School Bears vie for a spot in the Montgomery County Regional Spelling Bee. Find out how the benefits of this friendly competition extend far beyond spelling, vocabulary, and memorization.

Critter Crew cares

Lower School students practice responsibility, teamwork, time management, and more as they care for the pets in their science classroom.

Grade 4 students pose with the maps they made.

Grade 4 students learn what maps can tell us about the world and make maps of their own. Find out what they learned in this hands-on social studies project.

Grade 5 students act out a Revolutionary War battle without props or speaking

Grade 5 social studies students get active as they learn about the American Revolution. Watch how they step into character and use body movements to better understand the battles that shaped the war.

Bringing culture to the classroom

At Landon, Lower School boys are immersed in language learning, thanks to hands-on cultural experiences and research projects.

Grade 6 students make atom kits in Life Science 

Grade 6 students learn basic chemistry then bring it to life with teamwork, design, and 3-D printers supplied by the new Applied Technology and Innovation Department.

Grade 5 students pose for a photo after they finish all the fun challenges in the Lower School book club. 

The Lower School book club helps grow students’ passion for reading with interactive, engaging, and sometimes wacky challenges! Find out how reading for fun benefits the boys in the classroom and beyond.

Grade 5 students pose with their paper rockets 

Grade 5 students launch into their first STEM challenge of the year with paper rockets. Find out how they use paper, tape, a penny, and the scientific method to craft the most dynamic designs.

Students pose with their Torn World Map Project

Grade 6 boys tested their world mapping skills in a hands-on team challenge. Find out how their increased geography knowledge sets them up for success in Middle School. 

Students have class in art room.

Our youngest Bears have a new home in the Freeman Family Lower School. Find out why the bigger space and new location has the entire Lower School community full of excitement.

Students stand with Mr. Hughes as they wrap up a world peace games session in the gym.

Grade 5 students participated in the World Peace Games. Teacher Chris Hughes describes it as Model UN, meets Risk, meets Dungeons and Dragons! 

Students mix concrete in environmental science class. 

Lower School Bears participate in a challenge to help them lead with respect and kindness. Find out how the Manners Matter Challenge uses friendly competition to foster lasting behavior.

Gradem 5 students pose for a picture in front of the blackout poetry display

Grade 5 students used their creativity in multiple ways in a student and teacher favorite English class project called blackout poetry. See how they use the page of a book to create their own poem and artwork.

Daily Schedule

Landon's daily schedule for Lower School begins at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m., with before- and aftercare options. 

Landon's developmentally appropriate schedule maximizes students' most attentive time periods, including language arts and math in the mornings,  and quiet reading time before dismissal at the end of the day. As you can see, there are also multiple movement breaks during the day so boys can feel refreshed and ready to refocus on learning. This schedule below is one example, some days will include Spanish, art, assemblies, and more. 

Top Row

Head of school greets student upon arrival

8:15-8:30 a.m.


Teacher and student work on sounding out words

8:30-9:10 a.m.

Language Arts & Reading

Students work on foil boat construction

9:15-9:55 a.m.


Lower School students play spikeball

9:55-10:15 a.m.

Movement Break

Lower School students speak to Upper School student leaders about ethics

10:20-11:00 a.m.


Middle Row

Students and teacher laugh at lunch table

11:00-11:30 a.m.


Students play math game

11:35 a.m.-12:15 p.m.


Lower School boy playing the trumpet

12:20-1:00 p.m.


Students play foursquare

1:00-1:20 p.m.

Movement Break

Bottom Row

Students collaborate on social studies project

1:20-2:00 p.m.

Social Studies

Student does long jump

2:10-3:00 p.m.


Students play with rubik's cube

3:00-3:10 p.m.

Transition Time

Lower School students read

3:10-3:30 p.m.

Quiet Reading Time

Portrait of a Graduate 

Landon students are offered a unique experience. Our goal is that they will do something with it, that they will make a positive difference in their communities and the larger world, in ways big and small.  

Our goal is that they will become virtuous and well-rounded men who contribute and give back to the common good out of both a sense of personal responsibility and an awareness that much has been given to them. Our ambition is that Landon graduates might be described individually and collectively – and throughout their lives – as persons who live into these characteristics and mindsets.



Student sings in chorus

From the very beginning of boys’ Landon experience, they are immersed in studio art, music, and theater.

They draw, paint, and sculpt in the art studio in Torrey Hall, perform in full-scale theatrical productions, and choose from 12 instruments to play in music courses. As they discover their artistic talents and decide which instruments or techniques they prefer, they begin to view creative expression as a habit and an integral part of their life.

Students perform musical


Theater Arts

The entire Lower School is involved, either on stage or behind the scenes, in our annual spring musical production.

Student plays clarinet


Performing Arts 

Each boy participates in band, strings, or choral groups, which include classes, recitals, and concerts.

Lower School art teacher demonstrates technique to students


Studio Arts

Every Landon boy takes art classes. Students' work is displayed in our Landow Gallery along with Middle and Upper School pieces.


Instruments to Play in Music


Art Shows Each Year


of Students Participate in School Play



Student holds football

Every Landon boy participates in athletics each day.

We believe that physical exercise and team collaboration are essential for boys' well-being and learning. Landon's teacher-coach-mentors focus on ensuring every boy achieves healthy development, and builds the fundamental skills to grow as an athlete and teammate, and learns the value of living a healthy life with exercise and time outdoors.

Season Intramural Interscholastic (Grade 5 & 6)
Fall Football

Cross Country

Winter Basketball

Swimming (Grade 6 only)

Spring Baseball
Track and Field

Track and Field

Athletic Facilities

Bordley Stadium

Turf field, track, and stadium

Armstrong Field

Armstrong Field 

Jacoby Tennis Courts

Jacoby Tennis Courts

Barton Alumni Athletic Center

Barton Alumni Athletic Center

Riddleberger Gym

Riddleberger Gym

Perkins Gym

Perkins Gym

Landon School's state of the art gymnasium facilities and strength and conditioning room

Weight Room

Goddard Field

Goddard Field

Landon students wrestle

Boehly Wrestling Room

Student playing water polo

Dixon Pool

Landon students playing street hockey

Sport Court

Prindle Field

Prindle Field

student playing ice hockey

Bears' Den, Rockville Ice Arena

Landon Bear

Go Bears!

Student throws football to another student

Shrimp Bowl & Landon Cup

An annual, decades-long tradition of football and soccer between our Grade 3 and 4 students.

The Shrimp Bowl (flag football) and Landon Cup (soccer) divide the two grades into two teams, Brown and White. The events feature Bear spirit from the entire school, teamwork, fun, and, when necessary, lots of hot chocolate!


Health, Wellness & Fitness

Teachers show strength exercise to students

Health, wellness, and fitness is found in every facet of the Lower School experience. 

Using the teacher-coach-mentor model, our teachers develop deep and meaningful relationships with the boys and address larger issues like empathy, self-esteem, sportsmanship, and humility in a one-on-one capacity and through group exercises. The Lower School community also participates in schoolwide lessons on these topics, and we create opportunities for boys to test out what they have learned.

Landon boys also have plenty of time during the day to stay active. Every boy, with every level of athletic ability, is encouraged to try different sports, and learn to enjoy and prioritize physical fitness. There are movement breaks between classes plus morning recess and afternoon athletics. 

Boys are taught the connection between physical and mental health, and our lessons endeavor to help boys create a toolbox of coping skills and strategies for dealing with emotions and struggles. This work is in addition to classes for all grades on the stages of physical development. 


Ethics, Service & Leadership

Students sign character pledge

Character Pledge

Character development is central to all we do.

Our ability to advance this goal is dependent on the willingness of individual community members to agree to and embrace the principles of good character outlined in our Character Pledge. This Pledge serves as an overarching standard for daily ethical conduct and includes three parts: an Honor Code, a Civility Code, and our Core Values. Each year all Landon students, teachers, and staff are asked to read and sign a document pledging themselves to these principles.

Honor Code

I will not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate others doing so.

Civility Code

I will regard and treat all people – whether in word or deed – with respect and dignity. I will treat my relationships, school, surroundings, and myself similarly. I will not tolerate behaviors by others that run counter to the principles of respectful behavior and decency.

Core Values 

Respect – Honesty – Teamwork – Responsibility – Perseverance – Kindness – Inclusivity – Courage – Gratitude – Humility – Service

The Lower School Ethics, Service, and Leadership program is grounded in an exploration of Landon’s Mission, Philosophy, and Core Values to answer the following key questions: What does it mean to be a good person?  How and why do my actions, no matter how small, impact others?  

The ethics curriculum also connects with social-emotional learning and Landon’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as students learn about themselves and develop empathy for others, especially those whose identities might be different from theirs.  The goal of ethics, service, and leadership in the Lower School is to help boys know what a good choice looks like, feel motivated to make the good choice, and have the capacity to follow through with their actions.  

Teachers and older students speak about ethics to Lower students


Ethics Classes

Lower School boys participate in weekly ethics classes where they explore stories—their own and those of ethical role models. Through skits, age-appropriate case studies, and other methods, they learn to make the kinds of choices that build their character.

Older student plays games with younger students


Buddies Program

Lower School boys regularly meet with our oldest Bears in our Buddies Program, which brings Upper School students to the Wilson Building to visit. The boys view our Upper School students as role models, who treat this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves.

Students make sandwiches


Community Service

Throughout the year, boys pack lunches with students from our partner school, Holton-Arms, make Thanksgiving baskets for Bethesda Cares, and participate in all-school service projects with A Wider Circle on the National Day of Service to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Be honest, do your best, and help the other fellow.

-Lower School motto


    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Respect is a core value of a Landon School education. And respecting others means respecting and celebrating their different journeys, backgrounds, and identities.  Landon is committed to promoting supportive and welcoming traits like inclusivity and appreciating diversity and how it enriches the tapestry of the community.  We seek to develop in our students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to value differences, encouraging both speaking and acting with integrity and compassion and developing an informed and respectful worldview.

    This work is supported by round table discussions, school assemblies, and events based on cultural celebrations.

    They include Lunar New Year, and schoolwide events to honor Black History Month, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month.  Students are at the center of this work, as they share their own stories and become presenters at these events. 


    Afterschool Programs

    Landon offers two afterschool programs. One is AfterCare, which runs from 3:30-6 p.m. Monday-Friday and includes homework, snack, and recess time. There is an additional charge for this program. 

    The Landon Enrichment and Afterschool Program (LEAP) expands the learning experience beyond the school day in creative, dynamic, and fun ways while supporting Landon’s core values. Classes are offered in six to eight-week sessions throughout the year, and they include topics such as cooking, robotics, and chess. Each class meets for 60 or 90 minutes after school, until about 4:45- 5:15 p.m. There is an additional charge for this program.  



    Course of Study guide
    Landon admissions viewbook


    News & Calendar

    Group picture of LS spelling bee participants.

    Lower School Bears vie for a spot in the Montgomery County Regional Spelling Bee. Find out how the benefits of this friendly competition extend far beyond spelling, vocabulary, and memorization.

    Critter Crew cares

    Lower School students practice responsibility, teamwork, time management, and more as they care for the pets in their science classroom.

    Grade 5 students act out a Revolutionary War battle without props or speaking

    Grade 5 social studies students get active as they learn about the American Revolution. Watch how they step into character and use body movements to better understand the battles that shaped the war.


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