Lower School

A happy, healthy, and active environment awaits every Lower School boy.

In the Lower School, boys experience a curriculum designed to instill foundational skills that
will allow students to be successful throughout their academic careers. Our faculty know and
apply the best practices for giving boys what they need to grow as engaged learners,
passionate artists, and developing athletes.

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Lower School Facts

Elementary School Facts

Lower School families share how Landon has supported their sons through distance
learning and beyond.

Grade 4 teacher Kristen Burns shares how Landon builds relationships, incorporates active learning, and helps boys explore diverse perspectives, no matter where learning takes place.

Your Lower School Experience

Landon’s plan for learning in 2020-21 is designed to provide our boys with meaningful, engaging experiences through distance, hybrid, or on-campus instruction and to retain our sense of community during a school closure.

Lower School Calendar

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Wellness Wednesday

This blog post is a part of our Wellness Wednesday series and highlights the importance of incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. This blog was written by Landon’s Head Athletic Trainer, Mike McCormick.