Lower School

A Message from the Head

In the Lower School, we have a motto that simply states, “Be honest, do your best, and help the other fellow.” It is not only a motto, but a way of life at Landon.

Boys feel free to take risks here. They know that the Lower School is not a place of perfection, but rather a laboratory of learning, a place where boys can learn from their mistakes and be better young men. Boys treat failures and successes as equal opportunities to learn and grow.

Our teachers share the same approach. They are more than teachers; they are also coaches and mentors. They are dedicated to helping our students master lifelong learning skills through the values of teamwork, perseverance, honor and fair play.

We also ask the boys to become involved in service to others. The Lower School has an active Student Council that fosters empathy and allows all of our boys an opportunity to give back to the community. Lastly, everyone feels welcomed and supported here. This sense of belonging happens through a combination of small classes, sports every day, and an appreciation for all boys participating in Band, Strings, or Chorus.

I encourage you to visit the campus and experience for yourself the pride and the camaraderie that exist between our faculty and our boys. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Randall P. Bednar
Head of the Lower School

Landon introduces Lower and Middle School Heads

Landon is thrilled to announce the hiring of Tara Montague as Landon's next Lower School head and the permanent appointment of Erin Duffy as Middle School head.

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