Our goal in the Lower School (Grades 3–5) is to give every boy the tools he needs to learn, develop self-confidence, and begin to find the things he is passionate about.

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Our class sizes are small so you receive plenty of personal attention and get to know your teacher and classmates well. Thanks to Landon School’s eight-day class cycle, you take subjects at different times each day so you are energetic and focused. And daily recess, daily sports and a twice-a-cycle physical education periods help you relax and concentrate during class.

In Grade 3, you will have one teacher for the main subjects (language arts, math, science and social studies), but also move around campus independently to attend art classes, perform experiments in the science lab, and enjoy music classes and play practice. All of these classes are in big spaces in different buildings from the Lower School. In Grades 4 and 5, you will have different teachers for language arts, math, reading, science, social studies and Spanish (which you take twice in an eight-day cycle).

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You will also take a technology class to learn online safety and skills, how to use technology to complete classroom projects, and more advanced (and exciting) skills, such as how to write computer code, how to use a 3-D printer, and even how to program robots like BB-8 in Star Wars! Grade 5 Language Arts students explore making good choices in their annual TED Landon video project.

Some of our other hands-on curricular projects include learning about black history month through "book tastings," and building bridges from spaghetti to test basic engineering skills.

Off-campus field trips — including a visit to the National Gallery of Art, a barge ride down the historic C&O Canal, and a book reading at Politics & Prose by one of your favorite authors — are fun, exciting ways to learn outside the classroom.

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    This blog post is written about by Landon’s school nurse, Julie Acebal, on the growing epidemic of vaping and how parents can communicate with their children about the health effects of electronic cigarettes.

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    This blog post is taken from an ethics speech given by Bill ’20 to Upper School students and faculty. Bill spoke about this month’s ethics lesson on the subject of courage. One of the most courageous acts Bill took, he says, was to travel thousands of miles away from his home country China alone and attend high school in the U.S. at the age of 14.

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    This blog post is written by Mike McCormick, the assistant athletic director for sports medicine and wellness at Landon, as well as the school’s head athletic trainer. Mr. McCormick says new national guidelines encourage boys to try multiple sports, get rest, and resist the urge to specialize too soon.