Character Education

faculty and staff greet students off the bus



Landon School prepares talented boys for productive lives as accomplished, responsible and caring men whose actions are guided by the principles of perseverance, teamwork, honor and fair play. That is our mission, and character education is an important part of the journey to fulfill that mission.

Code of Character

“Be honest, do your best, and help the other fellow.” This motto is at the heart of everything that you learn and do in the Lower School, where boys are asked to “do their best” academically, artistically, athletically and, in keeping with our Code of Character, ethically.

At the beginning of each school year, every student, teacher, administrator and staff member signs a printed copy of our Code of Character to pledge that respect and honesty will guide every action and interaction at our school. The Code of Character brings together these principles in our school’s Civility and Honor Codes that provide a model for daily ethical conduct.

To help understand and follow the Code of Character, Lower Schoolers have their Landon teacher-coach-mentors to guide them. The same people who teach you in the classroom also coach you in sports, advise you on the Student Council, and direct you in the school play. They get to know you as a person, set a good example for you to follow, and are always there to talk if you need them. You will also benefit from the example of Upper School role models, who regularly meet you through our Buddies program.

Community Service

Community service is also a big part of your character education in the Lower School. Under the leadership of the Lower School Student Council, with help from teacher-coach-mentors and parents, you will participate in community service projects to learn the value of contributing to the world outside Landon. Each year, boys make packed lunches and Thanksgiving baskets for those in need and collect canned goods for Bethesda Cares. In recent years, the boys have donated more than 21,000 cans from food drives! We also participate in all-school service projects, such as one with A Wider Circle on the National Day of Service to honor Martin Luther King Jr. See how we make an impact below!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The school partners with girls schools, Holton-Arms and Stone Ridge of the Sacred Heart, as well as the organizations A Call to Men, Connect DMV and the Anti-Defamation League (No Place for Hate). Our programming includes speakers, assemblies, in-class programming and more. Take a look below at how we celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at our MLK Day assembly.




    Wellness Wednesday

    This blog post is a part of our Wellness Wednesday series and highlights the importance of incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. This blog was written by Landon’s Head Athletic Trainer, Mike McCormick.