Landon Water Polo player about to pass the ball in a water polo match

At Landon, we think that sports are more than just fun; they are also a great way for you to learn about perseverance, teamwork, the value of a healthy lifestyle, and to form strong bonds with your Bear brothers. That is why every middle school student participates in athletics — interscholastic or intramural — every school day. During Distance Learning, Landon's focus on health and movement has continued. 

There are 13 interscholastic options total and several each season so that you and your teammates can test your skills against other schools. You can also choose to play intramurals, where fitness and friendly competition with classmates are the focus.

We have a number of athletic fields on our sprawling 75-acre campus where boys compete in interscholastic and intramural athletics.


Sports options are listed below by season, and teams are grade-specific unless otherwise noted.


  • Interscholastic: Cross country (Grades 6–8 combined), football, soccer, water polo (Grades 6–8 combined)
  • Intramural: Flag football (Grades 6–7 combined), tackle football (Grades 7–8 combined), sports and games (Grades 6–7 combined)


  • Interscholastic: Basketball, ice hockey (Grades 6–8 combined), squash, swimming (Grades 6–8 combined), wrestling (Grades 6–8 combined)
  • Intramurals sports including basketball, street hockey, and strength and conditioning (Grades 6–8 combined)


  • Interscholastic: Baseball, lacrosse, track and field (Grades 6–8 combined), tennis (Grades 6–8 combined), golf (Grades 6–8 combined), volleyball
  • Intramural sports and games (Grades 6–8 combined)



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