A new bear and old school "L"

Landon is pleased to announce an update to its logos as we anticipate the start of construction to realize the Campus Master Plan. The Landon "L" is returning to a form more like what was used after the school's founding in 1929, while the Landon Bear receives a fresh, stronger look for use more widely in athletics, on spirit wear, and throughout our campus.

The goal of these updates is to uphold tradition, create a compelling "One Landon" consistency as to how we present ourselves, and to promote school spirit. Here is a first look at our new Bear!

In the mid-to-late 1940s, Landon teams started to be called the "Bears," according to teacher, administrator, and school historian Tom Dixon in his book, Courage, Commitment & Change: A Personal History of Landon School, published in 2004. "Welcome to Bear Country" was introduced shortly thereafter, according to Dixon. The most recent version of the bear was created in 1993 by a graphic design firm.

In June 2020, Landon hired Brandiose, a small design firm that specializes in athletic logos. Jason Klein, one of the firm's founders, led the school through a thoughtful process of discovery, which included focus groups with current students, recent alumni, and faculty/staff. Brandiose also collected historical information about the Bear, reviewed photos, videos, statues, our big wooden Bear statue, and other representations of the Bear around campus. They also received valuable input from athletics and school store staff to ensure the new Bear could be used effectively.

The overwhelming idea to come forward was to update our Bear to honor our tradition, demonstrate our strong sense of community pride and our dedication to our core values of respect, perseverance, and courage. Here is our old bear on the left below and our new updated bear on the right.

Two versions of our Landon Bear


Landon is also adding a bear head and paw to its collection of logos that will be used alongside the full-sized bear.

Bear head and paw

The "L" was also last updated in 1993. The new version, created by the firm Creosote Affects, again with guidance and input from school personnel, returns to the original classic design. The focus is on both brown and white, Landon's official school colors. The old "L" is on the left, with the versions in the middle and right are the newer styles. 


Landon shows evolution of "L" logo


Here is the earliest Landon "L" which can be seen on student sweaters from the school's earliest days.   


Students in front of building


This round of branding updates follows the release of the school's marketing plan and Campus Master Plan, both goals as set by the 2018 Strategic Plan. All of the logos will be trademarked. 


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