A snack provides a lesson

Lower school students are providing after-school snacks for kids in need in the D.C. area through their weekly community and service time.  

Students hold up the bags they decorated

For almost 15 years, Lower School Librarian Sandy Blasey has worked with Horton’s Kids, which empowers more than 500 children growing up in one of D.C.'s most under-resourced communities to help with their schooling, character education, and to provide healthy meals. The pandemic has resulted in an even greater need for food in the community, and the organization asked if Landon would be interested in collecting and donating after-school snacks. 

Students hold up the bags they decorated and filled

The boys met Caroline Malone, the volunteer coordinator at Horton’s Kids, via Zoom to learn about the organization and see the community center which is located in the neighborhood. Then they got to work, decorating and filling 200 snack bags! 

bags piled up ready for delivery

“It made me so happy how they really took the project to heart and were so thoughtful in what they wrote on their beautifully decorated bags,” Blasey said.  

Mrs. Blasey admiring the message on one of the bags

“Stay Positive!” wrote one student. “Everyone matters,” wrote another. And others: “Never give up!” “Enjoy your snacks!” “Have a beautiful day!” 

Grade 5 students then loaded the bags into Blasey’s car, filling it from door to door and floor to roof! 

Students pack Mrs. Blasey's car with their bags of snacks

This project will be an ongoing community service project for the Lower School this year. When asked what they learned from this project, one boy said he and his classmates take food for granted. They know they will get lunch at school, and they know they will get a snack when they get home. 

“All in all, I think the project made the appropriate impact on the boys, and showed them that giving not only helps others, but gives the giver a happy heart at the same time!” Blasey said. 

Mission accomplished! 

Horton's Kids smiling with their snack bags

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