Alan ’23 wins first prize at art exhibition

Alan ’23 won first prize in the drawing category at the 2022 Stone Ridge Winter Independent Schools Juried Exhibition for his drawing called “A glimpse in the night”.  

“I was very shocked. There were quite a few other drawings that looked incredible, so I didn’t expect to win first place at all,” Alan said.  

Upper School Art Teacher, Studio Arts Department Chair and William F. Banks ’54 Family Chair Ricky Sears ’99 was not shocked at all.  

“It is a beautiful rendering on black paper using white pastels showing a silhouette of a figure turned away from the viewer. … Alan is a student that takes his work so seriously and to see how the judge acknowledged that craftsmanship and attention to detail should be something that he takes great pride in,” Sears said. 

Amy Kaslow, the owner of Amy Kaslow Gallery, was the judge. “I haven’t seen anything like it. It is a breathtaking work for its detail and sense of light. You have a very bright future,” she told Alan as she presented him with the award.  

“In terms of technical skills, the drawing classes at Landon helped me lay a solid foundation in line work and shading. They have also deepened my understanding of light and shadows, perspective, and proportions. The classes are all very positive learning environments,” Alan added. 

He was one of 25, the largest group of Landon students ever to have their work on display at the Stone Ridge exhibition for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

“As teachers, we know they’re capable of excellence and I know from watching them develop their ideas from a white sheet of paper or a ball of clay into something that looks so professionally finished, that it should be on display,” Sears said. “I’m really encouraged that this number of students had work available for them to enter, and I look forward to more students entering next year.” 

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