Beaming with Landon pride

Students, faculty, and staff have left their mark on the new Boehly Upper School in a unique way. Before placing the last steel beam in the building, the Coakley & Williams construction team painted it white and invited the entire school community to sign their names.  

Project Manager Eddie Rupp ’07 explained it is a tradition called “topping out” that dates back centuries. It commemorates the completion of a structure. 

Students from each division flocked over a 72-hour period to sign.  

“When I first learned that everyone would be able to sign the beam, I got excited that I could be literally in recent history like the new Upper School. I also thought that the inclusion of the seniors was really kind since we won't be able to learn in it,” Koko ’23 said. “Landon talks a lot about pride, mainly in your school, but while signing the beam, I felt proud of myself. I felt like this was a tangible way to show my progress through the years, and how I'll continue to grow just like the Landon community.” 

“Signing the final steel beam to be installed in the Boehly Upper School is a wonderful honor for our students, teachers, and staff by providing community members the opportunity to celebrate and recognize this transformative moment for the school that will have a lasting impact on generations of students to come,” Upper School Head Ehren Federowicz added.  

Rupp said the signing is a way to show appreciation for all the workers, engineers, and architects, and he was excited to see everyone get involved in this tradition. 

“As a Landon School alum, it is great to be back on campus and have the opportunity to give back to the school through this construction project. It was great to see the students, faculty, and staff all signing this beam with smiles on their faces.”  

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