Bringing history along for the ride

Andrews House has a new home on campus. The nearly 100-year-old building has been moved to a new location to make room for the extraordinary changes that are part of the Campus Master Plan. 

“From a historical perspective, from a space perspective, from a campus beauty perspective, we wanted to preserve it.  The problem is that it was in the wrong place from our overall plan perspective.  So, we decided that rather than raze it, we would move it in order to create the space for a new Boehly Upper School that would also create our newly crafted academic quadrangle,” Head of School Jim Neill explained. 

The building started off as a dormitory after it was purchased by school founders Mary Lee and Paul Landon Banfield in 1936. Among its many uses over the years, it most recently was home to several administrative offices, the Head’s office, the senior lounge, and served as on-campus housing for several faculty members. It is the second oldest building on campus after the Farmhouse.  

It was no small task to hoist the 9,000 square foot, 1,100-ton, Tudor-style home and move it a few hundred yards, said the school’s construction team.  

“I consider this a once in a lifetime feature of work. It’s just very exciting,” Coakley & Williams Construction Project Manager Eddie Rupp ’07 said.  

Engineers got to work before the end of the 2021-22 school year preparing for the move by capping off all utilities and securing the stonework so the house would be stable and keep its historic look in its new location. Then they dug around the house about seven feet to the basement level. The house movers punched in steel beams to hold up the house, adding wheeled dollies underneath and a hydraulic system to move it remotely to its new location along a 4% inclined route they created for it to travel. Now the renovation can begin. 

“Landon is a school with a rich legacy. It’s built on legacy and built on character and built on excellence and a building like this is a way of bringing the past into the future and tying them together,” Neill said.  

The Andrews House move was one of the first phases of the massive construction project being supported in part by the Campaign for Landon. 

"That plan includes the new Boehly Upper School, renovating the current Upper School and repurposing it as a Middle School, renovating the Middle School and repurposing it as The Freeman Family Lower School, and turning the current Lower School (Wilson Building) into an arts center. It is an enormous undertaking, and we are working extremely hard to meet our timeline of being done in time for the 2023-24 school year,” Neill said.  

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