Prometheus Unbound
Student wears virtual reality headset in fantastic art piece

Students showcase their literary and artistic creativity in the Fall 2022 edition of Landon’s Upper School literary arts magazine, Prometheus Unbound

Prometheus began in the 1960s. It includes poems, short stories, personal essays, and artwork.  

Prometheus Unbound 2023 sample from Gabe '23

“I wanted it to be intriguing and to feel new. So, I tried to incorporate that into the design to use flashy colors and neon,” Dylan ’24, Prometheus’s Editor-in-Chief, explained.  

Dylan prepared for his role in part by studying previous Prometheus editions and looking at other high school literary magazines to help determine a direction.  

“I think it’s a really great opportunity for students to put themselves out there creatively. It’s a great way to encourage people to submit their works to publications,” Dylan said. “The hope behind this is for students to see their work in something official and then feel empowered to submit their work elsewhere or to continue doing whatever they’re doing because they’re getting recognition for it.” 

Prometheus Unbound 2023 submission from Ellis '26

“We had a rich history of literary and artistic works by students in previous Prometheus editions and (retired English Teacher and former Prometheus faculty advisor) Matt Dougherty did a really good job organizing Prometheus specifically during a tough couple of years with COVID. So, we had sort of a reset moment with Dylan ’24 and Bao ’23 and James ’23 and Yanni ’24 and Tony ’24. They are all boys that I worked with in Grade 9 English and knew that they were fantastic writers and artists,” Upper School English Teacher and Faculty Editor Dan Moorin said. 

Moorin said he was hopeful the boys would take the initiative with the journal and really make it their own.  

“I just wanted to be as big of a cheerleader as possible, not give any real direction. … I want them to build something for posterity so that it’s something the kids at Landon look to and say ‘wow that’s cool. I want to be a part of that’,” Moorin said.  

Read this year’s edition. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's publication. 

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