Seven students display art at Smithsonian Craft Show  

For the first time in its 40-year history, the Smithsonian Craft Show features student artists, including seven from Landon. 

The ceramic pieces are exhibited at the Craft Show April 20-24 as part of the “Next Generation” booth alongside students from Holton-Arms School, Alexandria City High School, and Jackson-Reed High School.  The students from Landon are: Jackson Evans '24, Will Heiss '24, Jeremy Hutton '22, Deon Johnson '22, Gabe Johnson '23,  Ben Kreindler '23, and Kendall Skeete Ridley '24.

“The Craft Show is the premier event in our area for professional artisans and craftspeople,” said Studio Art Department Chair Ricky Sears ’99.  “The theme of the show this year is ‘Future Focus,’ and the students’ hard work will be on display as the public enjoys seeing what they have created in class with Ms. (Laura) John. Landon ceramics has a reputation for excellence, and the students are contributing to this legacy with their efforts in and out of the studio.” 

“It’s a huge privilege to have Landon student ceramics featured in the Smithsonian Craft Show,” John agreed.  “Seven advanced ceramics students, who have taken the class anywhere from two to seven semesters, have created pieces for the show. The boys have worked hard to live up to the honor of being invited to participate.”  

The pieces will be on display at the show from April 20-24 at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. They will also be on display in the Lehrman Atrium during Landon’s Azalea Festival. The Smithsonian Craft Show includes 120 professional artists in addition to the student work. See the fantastic student work (Photography by Laura John, artists names below each piece):

ceramic work

Jackson Evans '24

ceramic art

 Kendall Skeete Ridley '24

ceramic art

 Jeremy Hutton '22

ceramic art

 Ben Kreindler '23

ceramic art

 Will Heiss '24

ceramic art

Gabe Johnson '23


Deon Johnson '22 work not pictured.

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