Student art selected for presidential present!

Pierce Ryan ’22 now has artwork hanging in the halls of the White House after his watercolor was presented to the President and the First Lady during their Christmas Eve 2021 visit to Children’s National Hospital (CNH). In this Q&A, Pierce explains how his connection with and work for the hospital led to this honor. 

Tell us how you heard from CNH that your art would be presented to the President and First Lady.

I was made aware that my art would be presented to the Biden’s only two days before their visit to the hospital. I received an “urgent” email from the hospital to contact them immediately. When I called and was told about it, I couldn't believe it!. I was so honored that my art was considered for such a special occasion and would then be hung in the White House. The painting was chosen because the Bidens are well known for their love of their dogs. I’m thrilled my artwork supports the incredible and life-changing service that Children's National Hospital provides. 

What is your connection to CNH? 

At the start of the pandemic during my sophomore year, I began to work with CNH in assisting with their goal of creating healing environments for their patients, families, and doctors to bring relief to them during difficult times. These environments were created by artwork all around the hospital.  

What kind of pieces have you created for the hospital in the past? 

My first project for CNH was to paint three large oil paintings of nature and landscapes, which are still on exhibit today. Now, I also have a few other paintings on exhibit at the hospital’s Friendship Heights location. Since those first three, my sophomore year, Children’s National Hospital began to commission me for more paintings which were given as gifts to the hospital’s large donors, retiring board members, ambassadors, hospital VIPs, etc. To date, I’ve done a total of 38 paintings for Children's National Hospital. 

How do you feel Landon has helped foster your love of painting to bring you to this level? 

At Landon, the community is very enthusiastic about all the arts. A lot of positive support comes from fellow painting classmates and students passing by the art room from the hallway, which motivates me to do my best work. 

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